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Cope with Asperger's Syndrome: 8 powerful strategies

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Published on 20 Jan 2022 / In Health

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Show notes:

1 Avoid extreme avoidance

Can't retreat into isolation (Christopher Thomas Knight)

In 1986 20-year-old Christopher Thomas Knight drove to a remote wooded area of Maine. He parked his car, walked into the woods, and was not heard from again for 27 years. Knight survived off the land and by burglarizing nearby cabins, always careful to cover his tracks.

When asked about his motive, Knight noted that he was "completely free."

One way to manage stress is to avoid it.

One way to avoid traffic tickets is to drive the speed limit. Another way is to never drive.

2 "Tribal support"

Aspies are vulnerable to avoidant personality disorder. Rather than totally isolating yourself, find support from a few close friends, relatives, associates, and, possibly, neighbors.

3 Avoid toxic individuals

There are some individuals who are so toxic that you must avoid them. Believe it or not, even the Bible directs us to take not of trouble makers and avoid them.

4 Know yourself

A complicated computer program can be frustrating simply because you don't know how it works. But as you go through the learning curve, the stress alleviates.

The same is true with people with Asperger's Syndrome. As they go through the learning curve of knowing themselves, the stress relieves.

That's why you're watching this video and why you will watch more in the future. You are learning to know yourself better. You are relieving stress.

5 Keep your head out of the clouds

Injecting yourself into unnecessary altruistic movements can lead to stress when we become so obsessed that we lose sight of our own fanaticism.

We're attracted and held by the delusion that we are somehow saving the world from itself.

Such movements often recruit vulnerable people because they crave the companionship the group provides. Once drawn in, we are easily manipulated.

There's nothing wrong with having concerns about social justice, the environment, or some other wrong that needs to be made right. But presuming that your participation is essential for success is not only futile but can only lead to a sense of failure and the stress

Saving the world from itself is futile.

6. Do something you enjoy

Find some activity you enjoy, and do it. How hard is that?

Some people enjoy reading, others love listening to music, some like tending to their pets, others like to write.

It's your mind. You control your thoughts. Don't allow your thoughts to control you.

Take time for yourself.

7. Seek out professional help.

This should be obvious and I mention it often. Watching YouTube videos may help a lot, but sometimes you require professional intervention.

It's akin to a headache. You may need a pain reliever or you may need brain surgery.

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Sunday//06.04.2023//When It Doesn't Go As Planned//Pastor Tom Hughes//8:30am
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