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Cooper Intelligence Officer: The plan is one tyrannical world government that will be created with the help of lies

Avi007 - 132 Views
Published on 24 Oct 2021 / In People and Blogs

This is one of the most important videos. If you care about yourself, take five minutes to see it.
U.S. Intelligence Officer William Cooper unveils the regime's plan to form a single dictatorial world government. And how do you do that without rebellion?
It is a lie that there is an "enemy" that threatens all human beings, and that against it we must unite under a world police state, which alone will supposedly save us.
Cooper reveals documents containing ideas for all kinds of enemies:
Aliens wanting to invade our world, an ecological threat with the help of water and air poisoning "already at a very advanced stage" ... (and an initiated forest fire?) A threat with an atomic weapon that will destroy us all, and more.
The main problem is how to make you believe a lie.
One method is to plant false documents on "talks with aliens" allegedly conducted by the US military, so that the intelligence officers could leak the lie. Because who would not believe an intelligence officer that aliens really do exist?
Now do you understand the idea of ​​the Corona scam? A fictional virus that has never been observed in any lab that allegedly threatens to destroy the world?
Share and distribute. That everyone will wake up. William Cooper, by the way, was murdered for exposing his truth by an elite unit of the U.S. military.

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