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"We Can Pull Away From It Now"
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Congratulations! We Have Now Hit Peak Herd Stupidity!

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Published on 29 Jun 2020 / In People and Blogs

Congratulations! We Have Now Hit Peak Herd Stupidity!

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Beware Donkeys in sheep clothing. https://twitter.com/Solmemes1/....status/1276695219493

Well what do you know? States that didn't lock down have 75 percent lower COVID death rates than those that did https://hermancain.com/know-st....ates-didnt-lock-75-p

School Children Don’t Spread Coronavirus, French Study Shows https://www.bloomberg.com/news..../articles/2020-06-23
"The idea of generating natural immunity is actually not something that should be undertaken." https://twitter.com/punditclas....s/status/12765649966

Why meat processing plants have become Covid-19 hotbeds https://edition.cnn.com/2020/0....6/27/health/meat-pro

Restrictions leave US travelers high and dry https://edition.cnn.com/travel..../article/us-citizens

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 5 months ago

After watching this PROPAGANDA Fake History after the GREAT NUCLEAR HYDROGEN WAR of 1853 to 1854 that was done by all FREE MASON, and their League of Nations that is now Their Modern [Incantation] /_\ called THE CRAFT of the UNITED NATIONS of S.A.T.A.N., you would do well {too know} they are not actually MUD FLOOD Buildings…..., but locations that survived the Atomic Holocaust that was done by the CHILDREN “of these” INCUBATOR Babies….., yet just know..., we have ALWAYS had Electricity in all TIME LINES.., that these Evil Spirits in the Minds of Scientist., Doctors…., Religions….., and your “Schools of Thought” all do that Crystal Ball Spell called THE GLOBE EARTH THEORY of (Motion Photos) / * \ when in the 1910’s no one had ever been to OUR “Holographic Moon” in our Night and Day Time Skies inside this Celestial Sphere……., and There was no need for RX MEDICATIONS…….., or Stocks and Bondage for all were one people……..., and by way of 5G EUGENICS we got dark dark PERMANENT TANNED people called Africans, and Latino, and Dark Skin Asians, and we got WHITE PEOPLE known as MADE IN CHINA Chinese with their BLACK HAIR and Black Pupils..., and then we got Red Skin “Blue eyes” and Yellow Skin “Green Eyes” with the Red Hair, the Brown Hair, the Blond Hair, and the Brunette!!!


As you continue to do your studies my children, and MY PEOPLE “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition, and OUR Rag Tag Rebellion, do so listen to MUSIC from the 1920’s to the 1940’s and know WE ARE Still the “Tartarians” these Chaldean TRIED TO WIPE OUR MINDS of our past and our Ancestors……., and as you walk on [The Bones] /-\ Technology of your Ancestors…..., is it not time to put an end to ALL LIES, and All Liars with their (COVID19) WORLD DOMINATION PLOT of “Jade Helm 15” and Project Blue Beam of Agenda 21 + 30 once and for all` before this whole place {we all live in} [{**}] comes to an end in the year 2094 because The Machines of Automation TOOK ALL from we the biological of this world.?.?.?.?


Continue to set up your FLAT EARTH “Magical Academies” in your Abodes, and read THE BOOK OF NONMASON – THE BOOK OF PUZZLES – THE BOOK OF RIDDLES with distinction and fortitude!!!


And yes in this Celestial Sphere Holographic DREAM we keep [waking up into] [{*}] after doing our Virtual Reality DREAMS while we sleep in Stasis……., you must now see them 5G TOWERS are Eugenics Weapons to kill ALL LIFE, not just we the Human “Spirits” of the ESOTERIC in these TEMPORARY Biological {Temporal} Carnal Corporeal Body Avatars….


The Sentinel…


john burrows naturalist "eugenics"


In his earlier years Burroughs worked as a teacher and a farmer and for nine years as a clerk in the Treasury Department, Washington, D.C. In 1867 he paid tribute to his friend Walt Whitman in the book Notes on Walt Whitman as Poet and Person. In 1871 Wake-Robin, the first of his books on birds, flowers, and rural scenes, was published. Two years later he moved to a farm in the Hudson River valley, and, from various retreats, he wrote for half a century on nature subjects. His later writings showed a more philosophic mood and a greater disposition toward literary or meditative allusion than did his earlier work. His chief books, in addition to Wake-Robin, are Birds and Poets (1877), Locusts and Wild Honey (1879), Signs and Seasons (1886), and Ways of Nature (1905). He also wrote a volume of poems, Bird and Bough (1906). Burroughs traveled extensively, camping out with such friends as the naturalist John Muir and Theodore Roosevelt and accompanying an expedition to Alaska. Winter Sunshine (1875) and Fresh Fields (1884) are sketches of travel in England and France. His Whitman: A Study was published in 1896. Other collections of his essays are Time and Change (1912), The Summit of the Years (1913), The Breath of Life (1915), Under the Apple Trees (1916), and Field and Study (1919). The John Burroughs Association, a society to encourage writing in natural science, was established in his memory.

ONCE YOU COMPREHEND all history was Falsified after The Great Nuclear Hydrogen War between Tartaria and Chaldean, then you know why them of the SNAKE and the EAGLE Blood Lines have kept we the people “of and for” Our PINEAPPLE Blood Lines in bondage…


WORLD WAR ONE at 21:38 who were The HUN.?.?.? Do You AMERICANS and Africans called BLACK LIVES MATTER and Antifa know anything about the WORLD of TV Lies you’m were raised in??? Me thinks not` cause you FRAT BOYS and “Sorority Sisters” get all the GOOD JOBS teaching Lies about FAKE SPACE and WAR IS MURDER as [Patriotism] is too Murder your fellow HUMANS be we dark to light skin from “Children” to Babies to Toddlers….., and do you AMERICANS think you could play we {U.S. CITIZENS} to kill and murder for you FOR ALL TIME in your WAR OF TERROR cause you want MONEY to say: I AM SPECIAL!?!?!?!?

I live off your Taxes and Church Donations, and I teach you and “your children” to murder other people for a piece of cloth called The U.S. FLAG , and all OUR nonmason children die because of these FREE MASON (FLAGS FLAGS FLAGS) are more important then HONESTY – INTEGRITY – DECENCY!!!! All FREE MASON are “Oath Breakers” and Traitors doing SEDITION as Loyalist to this U.N. FLAGS (COVID19) World Domination Plot where our “Individual” Autonomous SOVEREIGN STATES [Constitutions] and their SYMBOLS aka these FLAGS of our 50 STATES FOR AMERICA have “always been used” to turn We The American U.S. Citizens into Murderers, Rapist, Pirates!!!

The Commander~


Johnny Exodice LIVES and so do we!!! The BOOK of EXODICE!!!

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O.KOI 5 months ago

Execute them with extreme prejudice, so that they get to hell today.

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