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Communism to Chinese People is Like Freemasonry to Western Civilization

JamesRoss - 470 Views
Published on 21 Apr 2023 / In Travel and Events

China's Communis Party is just another willing pawn of the NWO monster. Freemasons are just willing NWO-pawns who follow the lies of the satan-race, Homo capensis, hiding deep within the Earth's crust like devils. The NWO is not for Homo sapiens' prosperity... it is actually an agenda to extinct your species and replace your offspring with bio-robots.

Three year old video source:

Sheeple are so disorganized in kicking out Freemason and Luciferian politicians from controlling their countries and future, that little set-backs to the NWO-takeover has been seen around the world(Since this video what made).

Don't be fooled with the cover picture... the entire globe is "red" including the Freemason-run USA and Canada and Australia. Freemasons in homeland sickurity are NWO Luciferian sell-outs of their own ethical integrity. They have souled out their humanity to their ancient masters, Homo capensis, or the satan-race.

You are in a spiritual training-ground where you are watching the portion of your species destroying their souls as they genocide their own species away off the planet. The trick is to have them imagine they have something fake to win which makes them become un-ethical and unloving and finally murderous. Murder changes the soul and filters out the unworthy from the worthy souls. Freemasons have not figured this out yet, but they will... hopefully before they are dead.

The bigger picture is that all the secret societies are now coming out of the shadows in order to turn the entire humanity into an A.i.-run machine. Loving people will be brainchipped into bio-robots that kill each other unaware that they have done so. Freemasons have been doing this since the Viet Nam War using bio-robots.

Freemasons are at all the political, military, policing, education and mass-media authority positions to backstab the entire Earth of Homo sapiens.
Their function is to police-state the entire Earth population into eventual extinction.

Physical reality is spiritually based where soul develop. Souls collectively work towards the success of the species or the extinction of the species. The unworthy collective of souls get to experience the choice of unlovingly destroying their souls through murder.
The worthy souls get to lovingly try to save humanity and the human species in opposition to the pathetic decaying souls of those wicked, genocidal Luciferians.

Can the wicked save their own souls or will they destroy themselves?
You are living that probable world right now.

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