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Chronic Homeless Invasion Courtesy Of Globalism

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Published on 18 May 2021 / In News and Politics

Austin, Texas is a microcosm for the progressive policies pretending to be targeting homelessness. Goaded on by the propaganda of the Austin American Statesman. Austin's City Council has predictably ignored the will of angered taxpayers. Taxpayers that voted overwhelmingly on a Proposition that would remove the skid row californification of a once thriving downtown. A once thriving destination that has been transformed from the Live Music Capitol of the world to a Homeless Industrial Complex replete with a groundhog day rash of machete fights, tent fires, and rampant drug use.

Chronic homelessness has increased by 15 percent in 2019 and 2020. A byproduct of the crisis caused by the massive closure of State psychiatric facilities that exponentially increased in 2005. As 3.4 percent of Americans — more than 8 million people — suffer from serious psychological problems. But rather than listen to their constituents desperate concerns to deal with the problem compassionately and rationally. The City Council is secretly buying up hotels with millions of taxpayer and federal dollars to house chronic homelessness in residential areas that will attract thousands of homeless from out of state. Ruining business, raising property taxes, and threatening lives.

Two important questions lurk behind the facade of the Austin City Councils feigned incompetence. The first is...Where is all of the money REALLY going? Until we have a full audit of there is no way to tell. And the second question involves Mayor Steve Adler's membership in the 30,000 strong organization known as the United States Conference of Mayors. Which has recently adopted liberal globalist policies on everything from immigration to covid to homelessness while asking for billions in aid. Policies extending the United Nation's Great Reset right into your backyard.

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