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Christine Massey - Covid-19 "Virus" Has NEVER Been Isolated and Shown to Cause Disease - Mike Adams (12/02/21)

Belfrey - 1,722 Views
Published on 05 Dec 2021 / In Health

FOIA requests show there is no evidence of viral isolation (without combining a bunch of muckity-muck together).

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dailydollar 1 year ago

No virus has ever been isolated. The 1960s idea of viruses has been disproven after Pleomorphism was proven. Viruses (exosomes) are a product of your cells breaking down. Viruses are not living and are not intelligent to know if you are walking into a restaurant or sitting in a restaurant. There is NO virus only a relabeled flu with fearmongering to mass hypnotize the population. First, put out false information, kill the elderly with remdesivir indoctrinate daily with fear mongering in order to carry out an experiment of depopulation NSSM 200 as set forth in 1974. This is a well-organized destruction of democracy.

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