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Chris Exposes Freemasonic Corruption In the World

JamesRoss - 242 Views
Published on 09 Mar 2023 / In People and Blogs

Canadian RCMP is Corrupt like all Freemasonic Run Corporations.

Chris just does not take the problem to the roots.
That root in Canada is not only at the throats of all the Freemasons in politics, police, military, education, universities, medical facilities, Emergency services, etc... It goes back to their leaders, the ancient mankind, Homo capensis, who all secret society minions have "sold their souls to" they like to say.

The devil in the bible is Homo capensis and the Freemasons hide their presence from the public record. The devil gets their power from knowledge of their ancient technologies and from their secrecy of that knowledge and by hiding from the oblivious sheople.


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gang 3 months ago

scientology infiltrating masonry with dalai lama and gestapo to divert attention about third reich meanwhile pretending to be inspired by "aufklarung" as new illuminati order restoring luciferian regime

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