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child abuse - school tied mask to girl daily

Land of the Free
Land of the Free - 193 Views
Published on 13 Nov 2021 / In Non-profits and Activism

Downs Syndrome girl. What an outrage.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 3 months ago

Johnny Exodice
11 minutes ago
Youm know it seems like there can’t be one more thing I can write as Christ Jesus Returned, and The Oracle for the End of An Age and Purgatory come 2094 CE, but I Trust in The Spirits that is and are OUR GOD!!!!

So let me take you down a path that might help you Keep your Mind – Memories and Menticide!!!

I have proven that every ERA aka every 10 years a Decade the World Changes here in Purgatory where One Day can be One Thousand Years in the Mind of Our God the Source of All Creation and The Source of all Destruction in this World Machine we have all come to appreciate the wonders of Day 6 in the Creation Story from the Biblical too our Disgust of having to LIVE the Days of Noah ONE LAST TIME and that our De-Ja-Vu are all our many Minuets of Past / Present / Future lives in a TIME LOOP called an Oraborus Curse of Witches and Warlocks that thought if they can kill the Sons and Daughters of GOD, thence, one day they could Rip Open our Celestial Sphere Home World and Murder the God of all creation and all destruction, and this is where and whence we find our SOULS – Spirits – Symbiots and all the Machine People of INVETRO Laboratory Injections of Code + Magick + Alchemy = Sorcery as we By Pass THE RAPTURE of these TV Screens using Colours – Sounds – Movement to [mesmerize] Qballs~ /_\ We Are the NON-MASON into Obedient Debt Slaves to these FREE MASON Corporate Citizen THEY LIVE Globalist and their SUITS!!!!

NOW that I have your attention in your own Personal De-Ja-Vu REFLECTIONS of whom done what as The Wheat and The Tares in the NEW TESTAMENT Gospels, look at what we must endure till 2023 CE when we can finally Cash In our Crypto Money, and DO NOT USE Wallets!!!!

just keep that NINTENDO Mario Brothers Tokens and Talent and Digital Coins my Worthless Servants on the Cashapp / Coinbase / Cryptoapp for WE ARE in the USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!

Other people in other locations on our Side of FLAT EARTH in this shared Celestial Sphere, you need to find what you want to do the Mark of the BEAST as WE ARE the Beast of Burden to them we EMPLOY known as our Local Governments for Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 as U.N. Troops have killed and murdered all NON-MASON in the Military and our LOCAL Police Departments….

Be very "aware" that the {National Guard} [{**}] and Coast Guards are Star Wars Logan Runs Battlestar Galactica STORM TROOPER'S for this UNITED NATIONS General Assembly of C.O.P.S. in 2026 after Nuclear War of WAR IS MURDER by these Corporations Suits and their (U.N. Troops) /-\ in all Military UNIFORMS as Proven in Deagel . com / Countries in 2025!!!!!

That spoken, me thinks it takes 3 years to WIPE......., and Abuse........., and Torment a Civilian NON-MASON Gentile Population........, and the only reason We of Pak-Toe are not like the Mindless MEDICATED Militant "Maligned" Masses is we know WE ARE CITIZENS of our Constitutional FLAGS "of and for" OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition Stratocracy, so look into 1890 to 1893 and 1950 to 1953 and 2000 to 2003 and I think you will see THE PATTERN....

The Racka in MATHEW 5 command and control all Media to all World Police Peacekeepers of G4S Black Rock of Black Stone Academy wearing your LOCAL POLICE Department Costumes......, and the C.O.P.S. of TV Shows....., so be [aware] +=+ where the COP CARS are at all times...., and keep your Crews / Gangs / Magical Academy "offline" gaming LAN Party Study ROOMS with no more then 7...., and no less then 5..., where one of you is always a Look OUT.., and use your {Camaraderie Drones} [{*}] too follow these COP Cars in your locations., so we always know where these FREE MASON Lodge members are, and we can (Save) some of our remaining NON-MASON Police and Military Personnel from these OATH BREAKING Traitors to Our: OATH OF OFFICE 50 State's Flags!!!!

With all the Voo Doo Dolls, and Hexes, and Curses being thrown on my Body as Christ Jesus Returned the {Host of Host} Temporary AVATAR Human Body till I die, you would do well to "LEARN" what the OTO Thelema WICCA Jesuit Zionist Kabbalah Zohar aka these FREE MASON Lodge Members as the {Churches of SATAN} from the Book of Revelation in your home towns as too what and where and when THEY LIVE' drive, work, live, and frequent as Places to Eat Drink and Be Merry for if I am among them just {BLOW ME UP} with them, and I will see you At The Camp Fire in the NEW HEAVEN, and The NEW EARTH as the NEW WINE SKINS!!!!

Never miss an [opportunity] to take out these CORPORATION "Suits" called the OLD WINE SKINS in the Book of Books!!!!

[Q+} The Pen` ?

The Society of non-mason~ ?

#LowKARG ?

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