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Check Out the New Trailer for the Most Powerful Documentary of 2022, THE VIRAL DELUSION

Sol Luckman
Sol Luckman - 210 Views
Published on 04 Jul 2022 / In Science

Both skeptics of and believers in germ theory seriously need to watch and digest the game-changing information presented in THE VIRAL DELUSION. (affiliate link)

Aptly subtitled “The Tragic Pseudoscience of SARS-CoV-2 & the Madness of Modern Virology,” this must-see tour de force for science truth features a who’s who of distinguished researchers, doctors and informed journalists dissecting the “scientific“ papers put forward to justify the wholly fabricated atrocity known as COVID-19.

Every single major claim is minutely examined and thoroughly debunked: “isolation“ of the so-called virus, its alleged genetic sequencing, fraudulent PCR “tests,“ “variants“ of the imaginary cause of “COVID“ that exist only as a computer simulation.

The upshot of this deep journey through the rabbit hole of rabbit holes, one many are so brainwashed by the lies of virology they dare not face, is that SARS-CoV-2 is purely a simulacrum of a virus with no actual physical reality.

Moreover, as the documentary painstakingly makes clear, the same appears true for other famous “viruses“—from polio to smallpox. (affiliate link)

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