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Celebrate Memorial Day By Being Worthy Of Their Sacrifices! STEP UP AND GET INVOLVED!

Joe Ayers
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Published on 30 May 2023 / In News and Politics


Today we Honor our fallen. Those who sacrificed everything for the cause of Freedom and their love of this Nation. As Our Nation lies in the Greatest level of Distress its ever seen.

Communism, perversion of our children and government terrany sweep this land. In the mists of all of this where are the patriots? Yes a few have stood up bravely but most have not.

Actions by government that only a few years ago would have caused an uprising now go virtually ignored.

So, if you want to Honor The Fallen on this Memorial Day, Celebrate Memorial Day By Being Worthy Of Their Sacrifices. STEP UP!

Let me be clear. Iam Not suggesting violence of any kind.

However I am suggesting you get involved. Peaceful Protest, Fax Campaigns, Letters, Calls to leadership. Believe it or not some do still listen. And many leaders fear our strength. United as a people, we are unbeatable. But because they created such a spirit of fear, many wont answer the call to stand up for there country.

Those we celebrate today sacrificed EVERYTHING for us. Is it so much to ask for all of us to STAND UP FOR AMERICA before we lose it forever!

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