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CDC Director Admits Agency Gave False Info; FBI Asked People to Give Up Their Gun Rights

The Analyst (New Real Media)
Published on 15 Sep 2022 / In News and Politics

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00:00 NTD News Today—9/14/2022
01:07 CDC Director Admits Agency Gave False Info
03:26 Federal Contractor Vax Mandate is Paused
04:14 Over 1K NYT Staff Refuse to Return to Office
04:52 FBI Asked People to Give Up Their Gun Rights
06:47 New Hampshire Primary Results
09:07 Gov. Mckee Narrowly Wins Dem Primary in R.I.
10:11 Biden Flies in via Air Force One to Vote
11:05 Blanket Inflation Hurting Families: Economist
13:07 Food, Shelter, Medical Costs Up; Gas Down
13:31 Inflation-adjusted Wages Down 3.4%: Economist
14:39 Inflation Impact on Student Loan Repayment
16:02 Steele Dossier Source Was Paid FBI Informant
16:59 Mike Lindell Says FBI Seized His Phone
17:57 Virginia Da Booted From School Board Case
19:54 Whistleblower: Chinese Spy Worked for Twitter
21:56 Washington Floatplane Crash Wreckage Found
22:42 NASA to Crash Spacecraft Into Asteroid in 1st Test
26:04 South Korea Fines Google and Meta Millions
27:19 N.Korea Propaganda Posters Highlight Nukes
28:17 Report: China Spends Billions on Control
30:12 WTA to Return to China for 2023 Tournaments
32:21 Fmr Gov Richardson Holding Talks in Moscow
33:05 US, Russia Call to End Armenia-Azeri Clash
35:11 Gas Crisis Hits Dutch Greenhouses
41:04 Thousands Leave Floral Tributes in Green Park
44:05 Google Loses EU Antitrust Fine Ruling
44:54 Duralex to Halt Production for Four Months
46:55 Italians Debate Pasta Amid Energy Crisis
49:26 Non-alcoholic Drinks Trending in Japan
51:43 Golf Game Breaks Record to Help Flood Victims
52:27 Australian Man Killed by Pet Kangaroo
53:09 Agentina Wetland Gets Two Newborn Jaguars

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CDC Director Admits Agency Gave False Info; FBI Asked People to Give Up Their Gun Rights

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JamesRoss 3 months ago

CDC admitted that they have not found any Covid-19 virus isolates:

The Freemasons who run fake governments use the hivemind to bio-robot brainchipped zombies into remote-control assassins. These are not mentally ill people... they are brainchipped and backstabbed by Freemasonry. The increase in suicides is just braichip-sucided bio-robots.

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Freedom And Physics
Freedom And Physics 3 months ago

Hopefully that admission will allow for lawsuits against the evil people that murdered so many through the Vaxxx and Wuhan Flu response.

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