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CCP Murdering Innocent People for Human Organ Harvesting Profits

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Published on 03 Dec 2021 / In News and Politics

Mitchell Gerber, an investigative journalist dedicated to expose “ Forced Organ Harvesting”, a multi-billion dollar global enterprise by the Chinese Communist Party for the past 25 years!

Nicholas Veniamin Interviews Mitchell Gerber

With a resilient character and determined mind, Mitchell has been working on the frontline of a significant cause to expose this “new form of evil” for over 22 years.
Mitchell travels extensively around the world to raise awareness about the extreme atrocities inflicted on these sweet, kind, beautiful people.

Falun Gong is a form of meditation combined with slow moving exercises, while practicing good morality and the cultivation of virtue, these very peaceful people.

The criminal CCP routinely rounds up the innocent practitioners by force and sends them to state-mandated hospitals to have their organs cut from their bodies while still alive! They sell their organs for massive profits and burning their bodies to conceal the evidence.

Mitchell’s intention is to expose the CCP for their heinous crimes against humanity, as well as, gain support from media outlets across the world.

The Falun Gong Practitioners, kind-hearted human beings are being tortured and killed for the CCP and other officials financial gain!
As well as many other innocent people.

Forced Organ Harvesting in China CONFIRMED Evidence Sites:

Mitchell recently visited with lead investigators in the UK’s Parliament:

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hatbox 2 months ago

I absolutely believe they do. Plus, FBI agents were overheard saying this is what our government plans for Christians too.

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