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Catherine Austin Fitts: Second Amendment and 2024 Election

David Knight
David Knight - 312 Views
Published on 29 Apr 2023 / In News and Politics

Will Tennessee legislature rush to appease gun control activists after the Nashville shooting with a special sessions? Catherine Austin Fitts, president of Solari, Inc and publisher of, on the Second Amendment, coming financial threats from CBDC centralized control, and measures that can be taken at the state level to protect financial transaction freedom.

0:58 Second Amendment - a make or break issue for 2024 elections

7:07 Personal story on the importance of a gun for women's safety

19:07 Red Flags, Christmas parades and SUV's

26:59 What can we, the people of Tennessee, say to TN legislators?  How do we get the governor out of the corner he's been put in by media and gun control activists?

38:00 The importance of financial transaction freedom

40:09 The state government needs the ability to collect taxes and spend money because state government is a big part of the the local economy.  The importance of a publicly owned bank/reserve for financial security and a healthy local banking system

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JamesRoss 5 months ago

The first 5 minutes stresses the importance of having the fire-power to protect your right to free-speech, protect your property, and loved ones and protect the constitutional declarations of one's civil God-Given rights.
The Freemasons running the politics of all Western Civilization are in the process of replacing the right to believe in the Creator-God with their A.i. supercomputer fake-god. They are doing this by deception of injecting poison into the sheeple who are too dumbed-down to defend their right to life the physical life which God has given them... They are not failed souls, but have avoided their duty to protect their loved-ones and their beliefs. The failing souls are the thUgs who will kill their same countrymen born in the same land because they joined a World-Wide Cult of Luciferians.

This Cult brainwashes the Freemasons and Eastern-Stars to lie, backstab, and murder their neighbours if they did not join the same Cult... The Clot-shots prove that William Cooper was not exaggerating one bit: in his Mystery Babylon Radio Series.

The Freemasons and other minions and thUgs run everything and that is how the NWO takes over the sheeple. They accept a brainchip to become part of a Cult-Hivemind commanded by their A.i. supercomputer fake-god and believe in their own self-righteousness to genocide their own non-Cult-sworn neighbours.

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gang 5 months ago

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