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Cancel Culture Is Leninist and Maoist—Morgan Zegers

Jess Sosnoski
Jess Sosnoski - 98 Views
Published on 27 Feb 2021 / In News and Politics

Cancel Culture Is Leninist and Maoist—Morgan Zegers

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Temporary Terms, Temporary Times, Temporary Lives

Through the discussions of the places we have seen: and once youm know all things from HISTORY to TV are made up Stories only as old as 1893 A.D. when we the Human Population had been reduced to INCUBATOR Babies after the last MUD FLOOD WARS, then youm “do ponder” why do I pay taxes for LAWS I have no say in cause I am a nonmason as these FREE MASON Lodges Members are Military OUT POST Entrenched in every National Flag on this side of FLAT EARTH in our Enclosed Cosmology of this Celestial Sphere where “Doppelganger” POPULATIONS with their BLACK DOTS for eyes, and their BLACK HAIR ONLY Populations are made into The Servant Class Populations for these CORPORATIONS of the World Police called Peacekeepers where WE THE PEOPLE on main street are told we are {beholden to them} whom live on WALL STREET with their Stocks and BONDS of never ending WARS cause Your Flag is not My Flag…

Now Protocol 7 states that when the (A.I. Machine) we are all born into gets broken, and the world becomes Humpty Dumpty had A GREAT FALL, then you would “consider” that there has never been a MALE Oracle in all the history of this world: where this As Above and So Below in the great work called our Celestial Sphere of PURGATORY…, it is evident that these U.N. FLAGS are occupying U.N. Troops from the other side of FLAT EARTH whom have become invaders “entrenched” on our side of FLAT EARTH, and had [THEY LIVE] not Destroyed The World in the CATACLYSM in 1855 A.D., then the Moon would still be a Pearl in the Sky, and that Milky Way would not be The Great RIFT from all those NASA {Trillion Watt Lazers} used to Rip Open the Firmament of Mother Heaven as {WE ARE} the Prisoners of WAR must be called: the word CONSUMER whom are Forced to Buy all things from MADE IN CHINA, so Communist “Capitalist” CORPORATION China can make Many Jets that can drop Nuclear Hydrogen Atomic Weapons on all (U.S. FLAG Ships) in this coming WORLD WAR FOUR that no one wins cause all die out in 2094 C.E. when this A.I. MACHINE of Sorcery and RAPTURE Resets our De-Ja-Vu Oraborus Cursed Lives back to 1893 A.D. …

Thank goodness we BLADES OF GRASS do not live forever and ever, and what a HELL and HADES this place would be too we Mere MORTALS if our “bodies” could not corrupt, and break, and die.?.?.? However, you (Symbiots) that share the thoughts in our minds are not that lucky now are you??? For you have lived every TIME LOOP in this “deranged” world where a Piece of Cloth is more important then Human Corporeal Carnal Life!!! Too say: This CORPORATION must live forever, so HUMANS can be called the word EMPLOYEE that means SLAVE {in these Courts} of every U.N. FLAG and that INTERNATIONAL LAW has nothing to do with the Rights of We The People, Persons, or even Property cause youm U.N. FLAGS, and your [World Leaders] take our PROPERTY being our Bodies and our Children where “youm” send {WE ARE} nonmason populations off to do WAR IS MURDER when Murder is said to be against the LAW in all International LAWS of Justice, and Truth, and THE WAY of (THEY LIVE) ???????

The More we nonmason citizens TAXED TOO DEATH Populations see that all things in this world are for FREE MASON CORPORATIONS, and “their” INTERNATIONALIST WAYS with your Global Citizens as you people [spray our skies] with TOXIC WASTE, and try to make us Volunteer too be INJECTED with Magic Potions of Alchemy from Pharmaceuticals, it is evident that MASONS are Blind Folded to remind FREE MASON that {they are} The Builders in the NEW TESTAMENT whom cannot see: for their minds are blinded with Desires of Debauchery, Hollowness, Narcissism in their Shared Fantasies of Fantasist LIES AGREED UPON, and as 2021 C.E. will be the Year of the Bull where the OX of WALL STREET will trample [on we] the people of Main Street, your Cryptography Digital Mario Brother TOKENS and TALENTS are just one more {Lie Agreed Upon} by your TV {NEWS} World Order of Jesuit Zionist ROMAN Catholic “Centurions” from the Book of REVELATION with all your FAKE JEWS of Hollywood in your oh so Hollow Lives…

Johnny Exodice


Knowledge is not power` for the more you know’ then the more SANE you will behave… The Reason this TIME LOOP Never gets “fixed” is because you FREE MASON don’t know how to be honest, and you keep telling your selves “lies” that THIS TIME it will be different, and WE MASONS and our U.N. Troops will not blow up the world cause YOUR FLAG is not MY FLAG.?.?.?.?.?,

but look at the world my Builders from the NEW TESTAMENT, and still you MASONS are the ones (spoken of) as the Blind Leading the Blind into the Pits of HELL and HADES, and your De-Ja-Vu does so too CONVICTS youm of this truth…….., but since MASONS are (not permitted} nor allowed too SPEAK THE TRUTH, then TV will be your Reward, and Your condemnation as you have “lost touch” with OUR Father Earth, and OUR Mother Heaven…

The Society of nonmason~

The Whole PURPOSE of this “Reality” is to get you too FORGET Nature, and just become one with ALL these A.I. MACHINES where {VR Screens} will become your Sight, Your Touch, Your MEMORIES when all along there is and are TWO SIDES to this FLAT EARTH [too explore] QBALLS~ /_\ just outside your doors……., but you thought MIND CRAFT (was reality) and that walking in the woods to the water fall, and Camp Fires with your HUMAN “friends” was insane…….,

and this is why (COVID19) was and is A LIE AGREED UPON: too keep youm trapped in your Prison called HOUSE ARREST, and your Punishment because youm {Forsook Nature} too be kept indoors with [FAKE Reality] rather then Human Flesh, and Blood, and Bones of Touch, and Kisses, and Love Making with people of the (Opposite Sex) cause if youm children and teenagers [enjoyed] +=+ Romantic Warrior Engagements, than youm would fight for your right to have “Sex” and Make more Human Babies, and YOU’M WOULD destroy all this Mind Manipulation of their Masonic PizzaGATE Satanist INTERNET OF THINGS called {5G Eugenics} surrounding you…

The Sentinel…

This life is nothing more then MINDLESS MOVEMENT at this time!!!


π ∞ Σ

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