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CanadianTire Assaulted and Arrested a Customer For Not Wearing a Mask!

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Published on 25 Feb 2021 / In News and Politics

Oh and its gonna get worse people.

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Daniel J Towsey
Daniel J Towsey 2 months ago

why are they touching him if they are so concerned about their health..

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wildheart 2 months ago

Its all about your health ? so we will choke you to death

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PowerTo ThePeople
PowerTo ThePeople 2 months ago

I had the cops called on me for no mask. I left before the cops came but waited to see if they actually showed up. They did 5 minutes later. I started talking to them they basically agreed with me that masks are bull. Press charges on the business for discrimination and harassment. Get a couple friends together and go there maskless. Be nice to the police and leave when they ask. In other words... retreat so you can fight another day.

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Kenfreak 2 months ago

There WILL be bloodshed!

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