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Canada The Corporation And Your Their Officer

JamesRoss - 41 Views
Published on 14 Aug 2022 / In Non-profits and Activism

The Justice system of Canada has a web page out that explains exactly according to them what a body corporate is. By taking 5 minutes to read their page, you will see that the term Body Corporate is simply another way of saying Corporation.Please surf here to read their declaration. So it is clear that Canada is indeed a corporate body and the government is nothing more then the executive powers who control and run this corporate body. We as men and women have been forced through the enactments and regulations to become part of this corporate body through the action of incorporation. We are made to operate and function as a class of person, as an officer of Canada.


The legislators the ones who make up domestic law have created enactments, statutory powers which force you into the designation of a class of person titled officer of these corporate bodies. These operations of law are the very foundations that the executive powers of Canada use to control and regulate our actions. For instance this operation of law is the mechanism that is being used to force individuals to pay taxation which is better known as a contribution to the economic, social and cultural development of Canada.

To force you to operate from the designation of a class of person titled officer of the corporate body Canada limits and abridges your full legal capacity, your fundamental rights and freedoms. As an officer of the corporate body you are now considered a statutory creature and your rights and obligations now flow directly from enactments and regulations. This operation of law affects you in many areas of your life, it limits and abridges your property rights, it limits and abridges your right to decide what you will do with your wealth and resources that you pursue and gain and much more.

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