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Canada's Immigrant Population Rate Rises to 1 Million per Yr in 2022(It's Doubling for 2023)

JamesRoss - 198 Views
Published on 09 May 2023 / In Travel and Events

Trudeau/Castro (freemason frontman) and the other secret society minions running Canada into poverty are to blame as they want to serve the New World Order takeover of North America... then kill-off all the (cannon fodder) immigrants used to "sink the corporate ship."

The vast majority of immigrants into Canada are Muslim by Freemasonic directives for their NWO-takeover. (Mystery School Cult thUgs and minions are "rising" the New Atlantean "Fiery Phoenix," you see... Immigrants who want a less oppressed life by the freemasons in their country are channeled to 1st-world countries to destroy their resistance to the NWO. (There are engenious, Homo capensis, ancient thUgs directing the Freemasons into helping Homo sapiens' extinction... why do they go along?... they are brainwashed into believing in mind-uploads into A.i.): )

Manipulated, opposition-populations are needed in order for Masons' typical "Divide and Conquer" objectives to be reached by 2030.
Canadian politicians are already shunning the Christians and glorifying the Muslim religions.(It is a Masonic thing to do and they secretly rule Canadian politics.)

Why does CNN say "Attempt to Cross into Canada" when not one illegal immigrant is refused entry? The government officers carry their bags for them. But that will all change after the arranged economic collapse of Canada. Trudeau/Castro is just playing lip service to the cameras when changing Canada's demographics is part of the NWO-takeover "Divide and Conquer" Freemason sheeple kill-off method is to sabotage the efforts of good-people who think politicians are good-people, too... Not if they are Freemasons and Luciferians who are always wicked-people.

Canada-born majorities are mocked as Freemasons manipulate the dumb sheeple to collapse under the cost of financing the immigration of poor, non-working migrants.

Canada's immigrant population rose to 1 million per year in 2022. Already, January 2023 illegal immigrants has doubled over 2022.

1/12 of these immigrants are illegals entering Canada through Roxham Road into Quebec and then distributed into the Cities across Canada with free housing and free car of their own... Russia does not do this, apparently, but Freemasons want Canada to collapse not Russia.

The cost of Canada's financing of the immigrants (both legal and illegal) takes priority since the Freemasons installed A.i. world governance in 2020.

The Freemasonic "Great Reset" need the old world to collapse... Communist/Freemasonic Canada will remove savings, pensions, property and human rights after the invasion of North America by China and Russia during the "Dark Winter."

Immigrants will want to go back to their warmer countries once Canada officially becomes Communist with Freemasons hoodwinking the dumbed down sheep into "re-education" concentrated as camps for the resistors of Freemasonic, techno-feudal tyranny.


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