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C.I.A DECLASSIFIED | Advanced Brain Techniques

The Human Collective
Published on 12 Nov 2022 / In Science

The fourth instalment of C.I.A Declassified.
Having now established an understanding as why to these techniques work, in this video we'll review what the techniques actually are, and how one can achieve them.

00:20 - The Gateway Tapes
03:05 - Hemi Sync Introduced
04:30 - Advanced Techniques
05:25 - A) Problem Solving
06:45 - B) Patterning
08:25 - C) Colour Breathing
10:05 - D) Energy Bar Tool
11:00 - E) Remote Viewing
11:35 - F) Living Body Map
12:45 - G) Focus 15: Travel Into The Past
14:15 - H) Focus 21: The Future

Thank you to everyone who supported this mini series! If you missed any previous episodes, here are the links:

Part 1) C.I.A DECLASSIFIED - The Gateway Experience: Brain Hemisphere Synchronization

Part 2) C.I.A Declassified | Holographic Universe (The Consciousness Matrix)

Part 3) C.I.A DECLASSIFIED: Intervening Dimensions (Traversing Time Space Reality)

Part 4) C.I.A DECLASSIFIED | Advanced Techniques (Time Travel, Energy Healing, Manifestation)

Part 5) C.I.A Declassified | Self Knowledge (The Final Chapter)


Link to C.I.A Document:


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