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Burgerpocalypse! Another Simpsons prediction? #apocalypse

Vicious Alien Klown
Vicious Alien Klown - 195 Views
Published on 18 Sep 2023 / In News and Politics

Burger joints McDonald's and Wendy's have announced a hug sale for their hamburgers. McD's is just .50 Cents while Wendy's beats that with just ONE PENNY for their burger! Of course , if you keep up with The Simpsons future predictions you might just skip this sale. Is the zombie apocalypse coming vie cheese burgers? I guess we'll see.

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#simpsonspredition #mcdonalds #burgerking

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anoncoward 3 months ago

Mad cow diseased burgers as in Oprah Winfrey ain't gone eat no meatz no mo. And she had to hire Dr Phil McCracken to defend her words that mad cow is in almost all our beef now.. if you're reading this, you may have the marker for mad cow.. get tested. People I know got tested and have the marker. Good luck finding a doctor!! Lol

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