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BullS**t Media Lies About Covid Vaccine Heart Attacks

Olin Live
Olin Live - 302 Views
Published on 17 Nov 2021 / In News and Politics

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Chuluney 2 months ago

Luke 21:26

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Abraham777 2 months ago

Satan is the prince of the air. This Loser Satan owns the air waves and main stream medias! Do not be deceived

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Captain Danger
Captain Danger 2 months ago

That Trump allowed Biden to win a fraudulent election is the reason we are where are now. Don't get me wrong, this was always a script as we are in a cycle. Currently our currency is valueless. The only way to revalue our currency is for mass death. Think of 'The Lottery' from Edgar Allan Poe. This is about money. Don't get caught up in Satanism, Biblical prophecy, lizards, aliens or the like. This is about money. I'm not saying those things aren't possible as nothing could surprise me but it's always about currency or valuation, be it gold, silver, oil, etc. Don't be misled about climate change, green technology, or being a more conscientious individual. This is about money. That's it. all those touting the switch to electric, I promise you, are invested in oil. This is a war. There are no fronts. There are no guns. All there are is casualties. Wake up people. This is not about all of us but a large fraction of us as, like insects, we are deemed a nuisance and must be expunged. We are seen as bugs, nothing more. Why do you think they make so many cartoons depicting insects as people? Think about it.

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