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Published on 02 Mar 2021 / In News and Politics

In English: https://bossmaker.nl/boss-tv-2....3-english-sole-heir-
In Dutch part 1 https://bossmaker.nl/boss-make....r-18-uw-echte-vermog
In Dutch part 2 https://bossmaker.nl/boss-make....r-21-en-de-doden-zul

People can sign up via https://bossmaker.nl/membership/
All documents can be downloaded for free via https://hogeraadvandekinderen.nl/
VIDEO Description:
As crazy as it may sound, you have been mixed up in the declaration of your birth certificate. Not you, a living flesh-and-blood human being, but your afterbirth, the placenta, was declared to the registry. As a result, you are now a fictitious person, a citizen with whom the State, registered as a corporation, can do whatever it wants. You have been declared LEGALLY DEAD & LOST AT SEA. You have been betrayed, lied to, robbed and deceived. The key, therefore, is to change your current position as Legally Dead and Lost at Sea. Let be known that you ARE a living human being of flesh and blood and stand up in your birth right (Surrexi Iure Hereditario) by beneficiary accepting your Cestui Que Vie Birth Trust as the Sole Per Stirpes Heir.

Up from 14.00″ you will see the 5 biggest advantages of the Sole Heir:
1. You are immediately autonomous and have diplomatic immunity;
2. Have pending fines and coercion claims assessed by the Trust Tax Office;
3. Halt Maritime Admiralty Laws & Jurisprudence;
4. Stop schools and general practitioners’ offices;
5. You hold a LOT of wealth in your individual Birth Trust.

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Bobinrosman 2 months ago

Power changes hands in the unseen worlds
Cause in '75 something comes alive
Watch the silver cup and the golden rod
Silently listen and it shall be revealed
I was born to fly higher
Born to stand where I'm standing now
Basking in the light of the neon fire
As it burns my useless body to the ground
Desire let me go
I would fly so high through the sky, never to die
Love has come, love has come
Inside outside, it shall be revealed
Brilliant stars splash down across a crystal sky
And the moon and the sun and the earth are one
See the shining soul break the ring-pass-not
Spiraling upward and it shall be revealed
The spirit is free
The universe wants it to be, it calls you and me
Love has come, love has come
Over under, it shall be revealed
When the bells ring out
And the fire burns within and without
When your star grows bright
And fills all of the world with it's light
Swallow your pride, you don't need it no more
Don't have to hide, all I am is only one more
Standing at the door
Waiting for the world's initiation
Thunder roar and lightning crack
Snakes of fire dance up and down my back
A long, long road is behind me now
Too late to be afraid of the choice that I have made
But there's one thing I know
Where my spirit says to go
You know that's where I must go
When the golden ray
Of the dawn signifies a new day
And when loves grows strong
And the spheres join together in song
Swallow your pride, you don't need it no more
Don't need to hide, all I am is
Only one more, then shut the door
Waiting for the world's initiation
Over under, it shall be revealed

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LLLaman 2 months ago

i have healing tool's for The Mind : ) https://youtu.be/QNf9aX5slGQ this yt channel has all The Secrets (not) on the secret show & after you listen to some of the books on that yt ch ? You realize why none of those books where on the secret show ; ) The Real Secret is Jesus The Christ : ) !!! if you want to manifest or heal someone ? all the books , the greatest books are on that yt ch : ) The Sophia & The Essene Gospel of Peace is on that channel & the man reading all these books has the best voice i have ever heard on audiobooks ! its a Joy to listen to him : )

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