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Mustang Medic
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Published on 03 Feb 2021 / In News and Politics

Yes MustangMedic is here too and we appreciate your interest what we’re doing in Washington DC so stay tuned we are also on YouTube

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mr twisty
mr twisty 3 years ago

HeyMM.....sure hope you see response to your video about the Buses and folks.? Please search " Juan O Savin Biden-Administration-Election Fallout -Media Psy-Op Military Decisions 2021 Update" after the 47 minute or so, Juan says the following "military must quickly and safely restore a CIVILIAN GOVERNMENT of REPRESENTATIVES of the people to POSITIONS of power and authority in the country" Must independently vet and verify their those folks be the NEW MEMBERS of Congress? Buses from every state? Huh? Interview between Sean Stone and Juan O Savin on Before Its News......bye

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Htoohhaha 3 years ago

This platform seems faster than bitchute and rumble

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