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Breaking! Learn The Secret Meaning Of Dr. Anthony Fauci's Name

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Published on 20 Sep 2021 / In News and Politics

Alex Jones breaks down the sinister origins of Dr. Anthony Fauci's name

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hard-drive 1 month ago
fauci : faucille : faux : faucheuse
tony fauci sounds like faux-sea,
as faker as tom moore son

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Ring around the rosie,
[refers to the rosie-red (or purple-ish) round rash marks on the skin —one of the first signs a person had the plague]
A pocket full of posies;
[one of the superstitious ways used by people in the Middle Ages to try and fend off the plague was to stuff their pockets with posies (flowers)]
Atischoo, atischoo,
[sneezing was also an early sign of the plague if it was a pneumonic plague; however, not all types of plague involved sneezing]
or, Ashes, ashes
[the dead were often cremated]
We all fall down.
[most of the people strickened with the plague died]

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