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Brazil Election Statement, Republicans Got 6 Million More Votes, NYC "Tent City" Closes, AZ NV Delay

Published on 11 Nov 2022 / In News and Politics

The Brazil election statement goes into more detail stating that Armed Forces report did not exclude the possibility of fraud or inconsistency in electronic ballot boxes. Authorities stated they did not have full access to the source code and could not fully rule out fraud. They have asked a commission to be formed to further investigate the source code and election. " In order to avoid distortions in the content of the report sent yesterday ( 9.11 ) to the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), the Ministry of Defense clarifies that the accurate work of the team of military technicians in the inspection of the electronic voting system, although it did not point out, it also did not exclude the possibility of fraud or inconsistency in the electronic ballot box and in the 2022 electoral process. In addition, the report indicated important aspects that require clarification." Colorado Cops launch new effort to solve the Jon Benet Ramsey murder case. New York closing Adams Tent City after three weeks. Votes in Arizona and Nevada won't be available until next week, why does it take these states with relatively low populations so long to count their votes when more populous states have their results on election night? Woman accuses Warren Beatty of raping her when she was 14 years old and working with him on the film the Parallax View. Trudeau is saying Canada has to intervene to help Haiti. Elon Musk tells Twitter staff bankruptcy isn't out of the question. Why would someone pay 44 billion dollars for a company that was losing 4 million dollars a day? Democrats looking to strike a deal with Mccarthy for speakers vote. Biden names IRS head, former Obama appointee Danny Werfel. Maricopa printer issue effected up to 17,000 ballots. Commanding officer of the USS Normandy fired during deployment. CDC to conduct health study at polluted former army base Fort Ord. Journalists win legal battle against Antifa linked anti hate network. What is Canadian bill C-11? The Online Streaming act and how it may effect Canadians right to free speech. KFC apologizes for Kristallnacht promotion. Dr. Pepper/Keurig CEO resigns. What is the Royal Institute of International Affairs? Why are there so many "think tank" types of groups who may or may not have power over certain world governments? More news.


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Theroadtroll 3 months ago

Another good vid.your a 'realist or a perfectionist'.Thanks for being you

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