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Brainchip Gangstalking Indoctrination on NetFlix

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Published on 02 May 2021 / In Technology

The brainchip is used as an interrogation tool when covertly implanted into the unsworn. They also trick sheep to suicide themselves out of confusion. One voice is telling the girl to suicide while the other says "join my team of thUgs."

The beginning of sense8 series is all I needed to watch to Identify it as brainchip mind-control. In your faces, but you don't realize what the thUgtopians running Hollywood are telling you.
Even the covershot is showing the bringing together of TIs into a Gangstalking-like team of turned perpetrators.

Thier mind-job goes right into manufactured REM dreams using A.I.

You have no idea just how pathetically ruthless the thUg-network has become with their technologies, but I do. You see, I have studied the rise and see the deserving demise of thUgtopia. "EXITUS ACTA PROBAT" is their main fundamental downfall besides becoming greedy pigs. The AngryBird cartoon was about thUgtopia pigs with technology.

The clip that you watch here reveals the implanted voice in the head of the TI. The handler is on her right side speaking into her ear. and then walks into the door and tells her to not commit suicide.
The TI is played with, until they will suicide and then that sector of the multiverse is shut-down in a spiritual sense. But the thUgs do not know that she reverts to a probable-time before if she wants to live out her life.
Suicides have vastly increased since the medical-mafia began covertly implanting brainchips into the profane unsworn since the 1970s.

Brainchip Hivemind Indoctrination is Everywhere

I recently have the opportunity to see what kind of shows are available on Netflix. It is filled with weaponized enterntainment.

Humanity is at a stage of societal manipulation where the acient race, Homo capensis succeeded it getting the Freemasons to rebuild their new Tower-Of-Babel. Http://tob.ezyro.com/

This tower consists of an extensive microwave-tower prison-grid; a semantic model (self-flaming A.I.) for the planet Earth (within a quauntum super-computer mainframe) that will pretend to be an all-knowing god; and a brainchipped population of minions and slaves in control of the ancient-race, Homo capensis, due to the treachery of the Mystery School Cult humans or minions. They do not realize that they are all brainwashed into an extensive trick to extinct Homo sapiens for a lie of physical-upload immortality into A.I. They will mesh with some idealism called Lucifer.

Another scene claims prehuman sources allow the synthetic telepathy, which in real life is actually true.

Netflix is just festering with hivemind indoctrination for the unsworn. They will not expose the covertly implanted brainchip, instead they fabricate falsehoods like "Limbic Resonance" to hide the facts while giving out a few tidbits of truths to keep TIs interested. https://i.imgur.com/wDUNril.png This is an allusion towards the Living Language for Humanity written into the Georgia Guidestones. And this is just the first few minutes of watching this flick.

Within the physical world, you will be presented with the challenge to take control of your beliefs and desires as you learn that you create your own reality. You are within a multidimensional universe which customizes itself to your desires. The phyical senses trick you into believing in cause and effect, but your beliefs and desires manifest what happens through the infinite probabilities. If you wish to learn more you really should read the Seth-Books by Jane Roberts who was a highly gifted messenger from AllThatIs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?....v=wSCb9ACkPR4&list=P

I will expose "Altered Carbon" next

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JamesRoss 3 days ago

It is like watching "The Wizard of Oz" or "Alice in Wonderland." Indocrination for gangstalkers is all over the Netflix programs.

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