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Book Blazing Throughout History...And the Vatican Library

Tessa Cunningham
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Published on 22 Oct 2020 / In People and Blogs

Torching History books and who is left standing?

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Burning History The Destruction of lost knowledge

The loss of our history through deliberate acts of burning books has been with us since the dawn of time.

From the dynasties of China to the great libraries of the ancient world, we have all suffered incalculable losses of our world heritage.

This episode charts those acts of destruction, discusses the perpetrators, looks at the reasons behind such acts and concludes with a look at the last of the great libraries still standing.

The digital age brings with it ease of access but risks of deletion and distortion of the facts, and as we move towards a world reliant on the digital library, we risk losing it all.

I hope you find this episode interesting and informative.
So until next time...

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