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▶️ Blockfolio: Track Your Crypto Investments | EP#377

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Published on 27 Oct 2020 / In People and Blogs

Have you heard of Blockfolio? It helps you track and stay on top of market trends and price changes and gives you relevant news updates. I can’t imagine tracking and accounting for everything without it.

This is a LBRY first video meaning it shows up on LBRY at least 1 hour ahead of anywhere else.
Watch here: https://lbry.tv/@ScottCBusiness:4/Blockfolio:9

You can add in all the coins you have and make updates according to the transactions you make. One of the best features is setting alerts when a coin drops or rises beyond a certain point to keep you on top of what's happening.

I wanted to recommend this because it's made a huge impact on how I keep track of my coins and manage my portfolio. Not only has it been helpful, but it’s kept up to date with relevant news related to all the coins I’m tracking and made my life way easier. It’s also free with no premiums or advertisements, just a purely useful unmonetized resource.

It has pairings for every exchange and it has over 10,000 coins registered in its database. You will find that this resource has a great deal covered, more so in fact than I’ve seen in any application similar to it.

How do you manage your crypto portfolio? Do you use something similar to Blockfolio? Do you use Blockfolio already or plan to now? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe as well!
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