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BLM We'll Burn It Down - 2nd Term Trump

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Published on 03 Jul 2020 / In News and Politics

Black Lives Matter leader states if US 'doesn't give us what we want, then we will burn down this system'

Greater New York Black Lives Matter president Hawk Newsome joined "The Story" Wednesday to discuss the direction of the movement in the wake of George Floyd's death in police custody and the subsequent demonstrations across the country, many of which have sparked destruction and violence.

"You ... have said that violence is sometimes necessary in these situations," host Martha MacCallum told Newsome. "What exactly is it that you hope to achieve through violence?"

"Wow, it's interesting that you would pose that question like that," Newsome responded, "because this country is built upon violence. What was the American Revolution, what's our diplomacy across the globe?


Hellscape 2021: Why a Second Loss to Trump Could Produce an Existential Crisis for Democrats

Now that it appears Donald Trump may escape any immediate legal consequences from the Mueller investigation, it’s time to take a fresh look at the trajectory of his presidency.

Before November 2016, there wasn’t a lot of agonized writing from the left of center about the consequences of a Trump victory, for the obvious reason that few observers thought it was a plausible scenario, even after his improbable Republican nomination. Yes, Hillary Clinton’s camp and progressive (and many conservative) journalists bashed Trump’s character, worldview, and sinister appeals to racism and sexism regularly. But nobody saw much of a need for game-planning his administration in any detail.

We certainly know It Can Indeed Happen Here, and those who assumed Mueller would bring Trump down prematurely should check their premises. It’s time as to consider what a second Trump term might be like. Here are some educated guesses of what it could entail:


US President Donald Trump's tweet on land seizures, 'killing of farmers' angers South Africa

US President Donald Trump has said he asked Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to study South African "land and farm seizures" and "killing of farmers", prompting Pretoria to accuse Mr Trump of stoking racial divisions.


South Africa facing ‘mass STARVATION and RIOTS’ after white people's land seized

THERE will be huge food shortages and riots on the streets following plans to seize white South African farmers’ land, it has been warned.


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