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Blame the Climate - Fearing Trump

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Published on 12 Aug 2022 / In News and Politics

Biden decries 'heartbreaking' Kentucky flood devastation, links it to climate change

President Biden described the "heartbreaking" devastation in Kentucky in a trip to survey damage from floods that have killed nearly two dozen people, suggesting the natural disaster was related to climate change.

Biden landed in Kentucky on Monday to survey the flooding that killed at least 37 people last week. Biden and First Lady Jill Biden are meeting with Democratic Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear and touring the devastation throughout the afternoon.

Is There Anything Environmentalists Won't Blame On Climate Change?

The CNN story, complete with pictures, videos and charts, claims that climate change is responsible for the drought in parts of Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua that forced thousands to flee for the U.S.

Well, not "responsible," exactly. The author admits part way through that "Studies have not definitively tied this particular drought to climate change."
Story Is Bunk

Carbon dioxide is not a poison but the world’s best friend

Back in the 1980’s when the latest scare about an impending ice age caught the imagination of pop science and the headline driven press I was teaching ecology at Durham University. However, safe in the knowledge that there have been many ice ages, little ice ages, interglacials and interstadials some of the latter degrees warmer than today I was in no hurry to make predictions or apply for a post in Australia. We discussed it in a rational way during seminars.

Like the fluctuations of any interstadial, the “end of the world” arguments soon swung the other way and the fear of carbon-induced warming was born on the computer models of the IPCC.

Trump Supporters Celebrate DOJ’s Worst Fears As Far-Left Continually FAILS To Bring Down The Donald: ‘They’re TERRIFIED Of Him’

ozens of Trump supporters showed up outside of Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida after former President Donald Trump issued a statement announcing the recent raid by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on his estate, in search of classified documents from his time serving in the White House.

Fox News Digital’s Matt Leach was on the scene outside Mar-a-Lago where crowds of supporters gathered to show solidarity with the former president.

“As soon as I saw the news I was at first in disbelief and then realized that this is happening in my backyard so I better get up here and show my support,” J.D. Kennon said. “I think it’s a fishing expedition. I think they’re trying to tarnish him a little bit, try to make him look guilty.”

They Fear a Donald Trump Comeback

Americans are realizing that Joe Biden’s regime is illegitimate. His ratings have dropped to a new low, with some polls showing a disapproval rating nearing 60 percent. The December 12-14 Economist-YouGov poll found that about 18 percent of Republicans believe President Donald Trump could be reinstated as president by the end of this month. But diehard Trump supporters are not the only ones who think he could soon return.

Meet the Press host Chuck Todd led a roundtable discussion on December 12 on nbc that focused on the very real possibility that Trump will make a comeback.

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