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Black Trump Supporter Thought Move South To Escape Communism ..

Gee Gee Tee
Gee Gee Tee - 346 Views
Published on 04 Jul 2020 / In News and Politics

Praise this Great Lady!
Like a good American standing up for Her Rights and Her Freedom. Happy July 4th America! 👋 🇺🇸 🙏
Bevelyn Beatty on FB : https://www.facebook.com/zakia.beatty/

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 10 months ago

Teacher…, Why did Allah The God In We Trust Create PURGATORY This Great Work WE ARE all born into and THEY LIVE try to Trick or Treat WE THE PEOPLE into doing WAR IS MURDER.?.?.? If this place was real……., do you think after all [we have learned] #QANON /_\ from THE BOOK OF NONMASON, THE BOOK OF PUZZLES, and THE BOOK OF RIDDLES that The WE The People of Whole Wide World would put up with this fake ass (COVDI19) WORLD DOMINATION PLOT of the UNITED NATIONS of CORPORATIONS where every Countries FLAG is a Corporate FLAG, and that all WARS have always been Corporate Wars??? You see…..., the many have no {true conception} [{**}} of the world we live in for they were raised by EVIL SPIRITS in the minds of Men and Wombmen whom wrote 2D Books of INK ON PAPER Religions., RULE OF LAW.., and the Financial Structure of every Banking System that says: You can not grow “your own food” by using the LAND that GOD Gave to you free of Charge in the Old Testament RECORD on the 6th Day of Creation!!! Did not I Christ Jesus Attack the BANKS “first” for they said: YOU MUST PAY FOR GODS LOVE!!! Do tell me why you must GIVE money to any “Building” when all RELIGIONS are just more CORPORATIONS.?.?.?.?, and if God is “The Allah” +=+ that is the Buddha that is The Messiah, then why would I charge you to live when this life is NOT the Eternal One??? It is the False Notion that many believe they will “never die” too this world……., and that this ORABORUS Curse of the FREE MASON Lodges of De-Ja-Vu will go on forever and ever even though I Christ Jesus became The CURSE on that Cross that Ripped the Cloth in The Temple that was THE MEMORY of when We The People Ripped open the DOME OF THE ROCK in our “Celestial Sphere” / * \ called The RIFT in Space and Time known as the Milky Way “GALAXY” /-\ to any and ALL that are to this moment still LOST in the [Illusion and Delusions] [{*}] of 2D still and MOVING Hollywood U.S. FLAG NASA Pictures of CGI “3D Holographic” TV Shows of FAKED SPACE Missions by these FREE MASON Lodges when we all know we live inside A Celestial Sphere as Celestial Beings on this FLAT EARTH of majestic triumphant wonder from the DEEP Blue Oceans too the Water Falls high in the Mountains, and though we are filled with joy at the Birth of a Child on Christmas Eve…….., all your GOVERNMENTS can do whom live off YOUR TAXES is say: Kill, and Die……..., and Destroy for this PIECE OF CLOTH known as our National Anthem FLAG when “God knows” and you know that WAR IS MURDER.?.?.?.?, and Murder is against The Rule of Allah, The God, and The Buddha!!! Theretofore, let them continue to “kill one another” down here in PURGATORY cause The CATHOLICS “POPE ON DOPE” or any other Religions can NOT save you from the Source of All Creation, and the Source of All Destruction, and as These PEOPLE do WAR IS MURDER cause they just have to Join “The Police” whom Beat us, Kidnap Us, and Throw [we the people] away in their Q Movement of their G4S - FRATERNAL BROTHERHOODS of Blue Bloods of EVIL SPIRITS in the minds of Mankind, and they will eventually do WORLD WAR THREE where this “whole place” will be destroyed in the year 2094 C.E., we whom love G.O.D. will not do WAR IS MURDER cause Murder has nothing to do with “upholding” THE RULE OF LAW… And How Quickly you have Forgotten the U.N. FLAG has forgotten abut the PEOPLE of Hong Kong “murdered” and rounded up by the CCCP of MADE IN CHINA!!!! The Book of Exodice…

WAR IS MURDER and Murder is against The RULE OF LAW and the U.N. Abandoned HONG KONG to China so MADE IN CHINA can murder these Asian People...

The Rag Tag Rebellion...


At the point of 6:66 in this VIDEO about the RELIGION of FREE MASON that is Kabbalah Zohar Zionist Jesuit Complete and utter BULL SHIT!!!! You will see, they say that to have Sex is EVIL……., and “too use” your Dick and Pussy to make A Baby is SIN!!! This is the problem with all RELIGIONS that teach us to HATE “The WOMB” of the Wombmen we are born of as Mankind be we MALE and FEMALE!!!

The Sentinel...


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grayhater 10 months ago

Southern hospitality is in Texas

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