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Pocono Tactical
Pocono Tactical - 85 Views
Published on 28 Jun 2021 / In Sports
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SandMOutdoors 3 months ago

This deer is not very "wild" just sayin.
As for cleaning a deer.....I could have the one behind you quartered and hanging in the cooler in maybe 20 minutes. Most hunters I know could have it done in 30/45 minutes. It really doesn't take long when you learn what you're doing. As for poultry.....that's a little longer if you dont just skin the bird...30/45 minutes to clean a few dozen (skinned).
Seriously tho....get 20 feet from a mature deer in the wild dressed and talking like you are. Trust me, I've taken truly wild deer and those back yard garden variety....I could probably take one of those with a knife.
As for 600 yard shots? In some states thats really close. My closest kill was 8 feet with a bow.
Just my 2 cents.

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