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Bill Cooper Predicts His Martyrdom... It was a Freemasonic Final-Bullet to His Head

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Published on 13 Jan 2022 / In People and Blogs

Bill Cooper was assassinated on November 5, 2001.
In honor of this brave man, I will say a few words:
There are only two servants in this world:
Those who serve truth, and those who serve fraud. The Freemasons are the epitome of fraud in Politics, Police, Military, Education, Hospitals, etc., just listen to Aaron Russo discovering the Freemasonic Police and Fire-fighters "The Night Chicago Died" in his mind:

Bill Cooper Predicts His Martyrdom... It was a Freemasonic Bullet to His Head
Before that last bullet it appears he was pistol-whipped to his forehead as the Freemasons mocked his efforts to save the USA. The sheeple didn't come to his aid and they are now injecting themselves with Freemasonic poison while cursing the non-poisoned people's resistance to the deadly wwCult clot-shot.
Bills autopsy indicates the final bullet to the head came from above him leaving powder burns... This is called "death by assassination."

Did Bill become the martyr against the Freemasons that he predicted for the American sheeple, Hell no... they are still running to get the Freemasonic clot-shot instead. They are waiting to be tested for the fake virus Covid-19 that the CDC cannot actually locate and isolate... they are going to their predicted slaughter to be come the final Mystery School sacrifice by masonic, pharmaceutical hands.

To identify the hivemind minions you will need a brainchip scanner which turns human1.0 into Mystery School monsters or human2.0:

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