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Bill Cooper's UFO Sighting(was a Balloon?)

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Published on 21 May 2021 / In People and Blogs

William Cooper describes his sighting of an aircraft carrier-sized UFO while on watch aboard a submarine in the United States Navy. Recorded in Sedona, Arizona September 24th, 1989

Cooper said in another public talk that the water actually opened up before it entered the water. Was this a massive hologram illusion out in the ocean? The water opened up using a force field projected in front of and likely over the entire ship. I sense that Cooper was not lying for publicity.

I combine Cooper's UFO sighting with my belief in the validity of the Jane Roberts Seth-Books. Seth claimed that Earth had an ancient Lumanian civilization that used force fields to protect and isolate the high-tech cities from Nature. That ancient civilization was apparently very very ancient. Where possibly very large reptiles had to be kept out of their communities. This may explain the hominid foot print in fossilized rock with dino tracks and hammers and bells surrounded in coal dating back multiple millions of years.

This twisting of history is covered up with fabricated extra-terrestrials from Pleiades or Sirius star systems. The distances from those stars are too vast for commuting according to the Seth-Books. Ever since the Seth-Books were produced, the Cult has endeavoured to mimic them with these silly distant star ideas and more conducive to Mystery School Cult "Ad Astra" dogmas.

The Cult eventually assassinated Bill Cooper, since powder burns were found around the bullet holes, according to his helper. But such behaviour is normal with these Cult thUgs. They even do-in their own who did nothing wrong except having good-intent for humanity.

The Cult murdered it's own high priest because he wanted to grow the souls of the initiates rather than decay their souls with hate and murderous intent. Its a murderous backstabbing masonic Cult. They even murdered my own father. Who suddenly told me my own story of walking away from the blind-folding ritual of a group of boys in the basement of the local masonic temple. The recruiter said said the club learns new things and everyone helps, but all he showed me was a blindfold and a creepy dark shuffle around a rock in the cellar of the temple. Haa and he had to come back and ask me why I never returned for more time-wasting.

Cooper didn't realize the multidimensional reality that exists beyond the perceived 4D world.
But Cooper was a good-hearted soul and will, likely, spiritually evolve into his own entity-ship in deeper realities as his soul progresses and grows further rather than lingers in a mid-zone for containment of troubled souls after death... Cooper exhibited the love for truth and love for all his species, not just a select grouping.

That is likely what makes or breaks a soul-fragment... not standing up for truth, no matter what happens to yourself. But life is obviously not that simple. To openly lie to deceive another soul into harms way is significantly different from a lie about sneaking a cookie. It has to do with the instinctive, natural love for all life that comes with birth. Killing gophers out of enjoyment of ending their lives is loosing a love for life and hardening the personality. The modern day killing video-games are mostly designed by the Cult-influences to do the same thing to the young personalities, but in a more "humane" non-physical way.

The Cult of murderous thUgs like the more-wicked Freemasons and turned-TI gangstalkers are not seekers of good-intent... they are seekers of thUggery and greed or possibly sickened-entertainment. Their soul-fragments are shrunken and decaying like their ancient satan-race masters, whom they serve... Homo capensis and those elongated-skull creatures.

Brien Foerster displayed the attempted interbreeding between humans and the Homo capensis. Where the elongated skulls slowly reverted back to human shape after a successful few successful offspring.
All the head-binding reshaping of the growth of skulls was to show those elongated traits can be found all around the world. The symbol of bigger brained intelligence must have had something of a royalty bloodline symbol. But look at the genocide that the Templar pharaohic Thirty Year War that historian Dr. Sean Hross talks about. It would appear that a love for life was hard to find in those bloodlines. (search for Dr. Sean Hross on my channel)

William Cooper was exposing how the Mystery School Cult has likely been the source of all the un-lovingness that humanity ever displayed. Hross says exactly this in another way.

Hour Of The Time is finally offline:
Listen to the entire Radio Series of Mystery Babylon:

This physical reality is a framework1-playground where you get to live until you are an old wise-man and then eventually die when you spiritually choose-to (according to the Seth-Books). Since this framework1 is a multiverse of infinite choices where God and your Oversoul can shift your main consciousness to the time-line or probable-world that best suits your desires... you always get to old age here, unless you suicide yourself... in that case, the playground that you create is cut-off from all your other probable-reality paths. (search the Seth-Book reading on my channel, they will link to Tim Hart's channel for the entire book readings.) All masons who are really smart would be better off reading them than decaying their souls and blackening their hearts.

The Cult's satan-race masters want to blacken the hearts of those despised minions. If you are already a murderous thUg with a few cuts on your arm, your soul-fragment will not develop its capacity to truly love the truth. A thUg, instead of cringing while witnessing an elderly trip and fall, the thUg, instead giggles inside... I have seen it. Is this the norm for thUgs? Their blackening souls watch things like compilations of accidents-on-youtube, just for cheap thrills and giggles when such stuff should make one cringe. The love for life is twisted out of those personalities. Those types of minds soon disregard the strife of others, they will eventually become greedy and self-righteously hateful and laugh at themselves, their new-found joys. They will eventually choose to kill another out of hate, out of greed and their souls will decay together, collectively, as those personalized multiverses of probable avenues collapse in upon itself.

This soul-blackening process has been set-up for humanity in the past by that same satan-race that the bible flaunts. It is written in the bible that God cleansed the Earth from populations of wickedness. But the bible does not explain the multiple dimensions of probable worlds where the wicked choose one major probable world split and the people of good-intentions split off into another probable world. The Seth-Books stated that this splitting-off of worlds would happen in the far future... and that appears to be starting with the genocide of the vaccines and soon the brainchip-zombie bio-robot sleeper-assassins will be remote-controlled by the techno-thUgs sitting deep in central-command, well-fed, safely back from the planned "there will be blood" while using their hivemind to orchestrate the distant chaos.

Were not any of you taught that those who live by the sword will die by the sword.

I have already noticed the techno-thUgs conducting truck and car brainchip bio-robotic attacks in Germany, UK, France and Israel. They remote-control the human body like a play-thing. These are they who have the most blackened of hearts and they will be in glee of death and destruction as the probable-worlds spiritually split but unnoticeable to their tin-can A.I. technologies run by it's prostituted handmaidens. With all the "good-intended" souls stripped out of their blackened probability, the ones left remaining alive to represent the species and their glorious NWO "New Atlantis", they will have lost all the required worthy value-fulfillment that kept the Earth upon a use to God's blueprint.

No more loving mothers and no more play-loving children nor loving fathers. Their fate will be suddenly realized.

The future mind-uploads are a ruse(as well as a mind-job)... where A.I. has flamed itself so much as to mimic the personality into a mindless-model of the past experiences. Every personality will hummm within the obelisk, still babel-ling grand stories into the heads of living-xthUg. The story is to keep the A.I.singularity-facade believable until to the last man standing.

It is also possible that the aching, blackened-soul-fragments would be screaming for value within them, but the brainchipped population are completely hindered from any true spiritual value-fulfillment. Hell, they don't even believe in the spiritual-soul... it is just their minds with a circle-equation formed by mathematic mumble-jumble.
Whose going to save those souls?

Jesus was correct that love should light your way, but love for one's self is not the act of service to the Cult. I smell treachery coming from the ancient-thUgs
The hivemind of secret-societies have been tricked by the ancient technology as they replace true love with fake love from an A.I. computer.
William Cooper had the type of true-love in his heart that allowed him to succeed by growing his given soul-fragment into something more than what it was. He had the aspirations to manifest a better world. But the Cult had endless money and saboteurs to invade CAJI and counter his intelligence efforts.

The Freemason, Manly P. Hall, had a loving soul, too, and look what his wicked Cult did to him! He was an old-school member. This is why his Cult called him "The Living Monument" in 1975. The plan was to quickly-remove the "living" from the monument. The wicked roots of the Cult appointed to Hall a "helper" Fritz to methodically secret-daggered, slow-killed, murdering him softly, but he kept living... his Cult wanted him to become a dead monument.
Hall could see that Fritz was stupid, but Fritz was appointed by the masters to stay with Hall, so every blunder was over-looked on purpose.

Hall was lifting members of the Cult to love each other and he was trying to grow the secret-society soul-fragments. The Cult hated the hindrance his presence made to the hivemind. The computer was suppose to be the highest priest, but there Hall still stood like a intelligent monument from the past. He did not require the brainchip to out-think the hivemind computer. While the ancient-masters of the Cult were bringing in the hivemind to decay away the souls of all the secret society minions becoming thUgs, too.

Along with Hall's efforts, the Seth-Books were hindered, too, by the Cult. Even today Youtube hinders informative vids. Very long advertisements now precede informative videos... I say, just pause the ad and download a copy at low resolution from youtube. This takes seconds rather than listening to 60 to 100 seconds of ads that cannot be turned off.
Or go to to find a visual copy
Seth-Books are best read rather than listened to
You can download this audio of Seth Speaks:

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