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Bidens Ancestors Owned Slaves, 2 Year Old Kicked Off Plane & More Govt Corruption

Jeffrey Keith
Jeffrey Keith - 134 Views
Published on 16 Sep 2021 / In News and Politics

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Sources used in video:

Now what Potatohead, geneology says the Bidens owned slaves -

DOJ lets hackers off the hook -

Nadler says illegals are human infrastructure -

Book on Milley is backfiring -

Doctor in Idaho says vaxx causing 20X more cancer -

Largest state in India now covid free due to Ivermectin -

ABC news gets bitch slapped by vaxx deaths and injuries -

This is gonna get ugly, 2 yr old kicked off plane -

Whistleblower nurse tells what's really going on -

Natural immunity finally recognized in Michigan -

They cheated again, as usual -

Joy Reid gets taken down a notch by Nikki Minaj -

NY state goes full woke, no gas vehicles by 2035 -

Here's another liberal teacher ruining children -

CNN make homesless man take a dump -

Freedom Job Network, no jab required -

Just throw the frisbee Abe -

Steve Inman -

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Theroadtroll 29 days ago

Before we put drs on our team.make sure how much $ they took to poke people before now.they don't have a problem killing us until they have to take it themselves

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Theroadtroll 29 days ago

Those 3 had to have cia or Israel pegacis hacking tool

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Henri Musset
Henri Musset 30 days ago

the time will come when un-employed healthcare workers will start their own hospitals!

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SouthVA 757
SouthVA 757 30 days ago

Unfortunately, I only have my mobile phone for using the internet, but it appeared as if the guy pinchin' a loaf, live on CNN, had a pair of tits. Or maybe he was is still transitioning, and that's where he keeps the toilet tssue.

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