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Biden New Lows - EV Charging - Not First Nations

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Published on 05 Jul 2022 / In News and Politics

Biden hits new low in polls

President Joe Biden dropped to a new low in terms of poll numbers.

The RealClearPolitics average of polls on Wednesday showed Biden's job approval rating plummeting to 38% for the first time since he became president a little more than 17 months ago. Those who disapprove account for 57.5%, making for a 19.5-point split.

Biden administration targets 500,000 EV charging stations nationwide

The Biden administration released a federal strategy on Monday to build 500,000 charging stations for electric vehicles across the country and bring down the cost of electric cars with the goal of transforming the U.S. auto industry.

The $1 trillion infrastructure law President Joe Biden signed last month authorizes a nationwide network of charging stations and sets aside $5 billion for states to build them, including $63 million for Maryland. The law provides additional $2.5 billion for local grants to support charging stations in rural areas and in disadvantaged communities.

Rex Chapman suggests Clarence Thomas is a 'Black White Supremacist'

Former NBA player-turned-Twitter personality Rex Chapman suggested Justice Clarence Thomas is a "Black White Supremacist."

Chapman began by sharing a video from a 2018 graduation event at Christendom College showing Thomas alongside the son of late Justice Antonin Scalia and the graduates.

Canada's first Indigenous Governor General asked for briefing on the Indian Act

Canada's first Indigenous Governor General, within months of being appointed to the role, requested government officials outline what departments were doing to allow First Nations to move away from the Indian Act.

The first Americans? First humans to arrive in North America may have lived 30,000 years ago

North America famously first entered the world stage in 1492 thanks to Christopher Columbus — although Leif Erikson fans may disagree! Before that however, present day scientists believed the first humans set foot on the North American continent roughly 10,000 years ago – at least until now. New evidence collected by Iowa State University researchers suggests humans made their way to North America 30,000 years ago. That would be about 200 centuries earlier than any current scientific and historical records can prove.

Stone Age Europeans were first native Americans

Europeans may have been the first people to settle in America, possibly more than ten thousand years before anyone else set foot there.

A series of European-style tools dating from twenty-six-thousand to nineteen-thousand years ago have been discovered in six separate locations along the east coast of the United States.Archaeologists previously thought that America was populated by migrants making their way from Siberia to Alaska, and then spreading through the rest of the continent

Clovis People Not First Americans, Study Shows

The so-called Clovis people, known for their distinctive spearheads, were not the first humans to set foot in the Americas after all, a new study says.

The find supports growing archaeological evidence found in recent years that disputes the notion that the Americas were originally populated by a single migration of people from Asia about 13,000 years ago.

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