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⁣Biden Announces Plan to Drain US Oil Reserves after He Already Shutdown US Pipelines

The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 144 Views
Published on 24 Nov 2021 / In News and Politics

WarRoom /w Owen Shroyer (Full Show) - Commercial Free - 11-23-21

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

When All is an Illusion…

We have seen that Purgatory can play with your mind, and that the Sun and the Moon do not care if you are freezing in the cold, or dying of thirst in the hot open air, and we can see from what happened in the MUD FLOOD WARS that our Celestial Sphere was ripped open, the Angels and Demons called STARS were decimated by Godzilla NASA Lazers, and the Weapons of UNTOLD Destruction brought the Shadow of Death from the Null & Void of the great Beyond…

It was NOT Our God that did any of these things for [God] Qballs~ /_\ had made a world in Day 6 that all was free of charge, but then the Capitalist and their Suits showed up, and started to make Things and Say we will write the LAWS and we will say Your God, or My God, or Their God made the Judges when that was an act of Man Kind, and we once lived with out Need of Kings called your Excellencies, nor Queens called Your Majesties at these Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 UNITED NATIONS of Corporations where This FLAG must hate That Flag, and the Sons and Daughters of Mankind killed one another BREAKING the RULE OF LAW in those Ten Commandments and all has been LOST ever since…

You need this the TV Screen States!!!! You must Take Your Pills with the Very Side Effects that wilt make you ill.?.?.? You want to work for 50 fucking years, so you can say: I do not NEED God, I just need IN GOD WE TRUST where pieces of Ink on Paper that MONEY that grows on Gods Creations called Trees became more important than the Very Trees we need too "Breath" Clean and Fresh Air…. You said Walk like this, You said Dress Like This, and then you said Kill and Murder because Their FLAG is not Our Flag, and we did in a state of Mental Maligned "Thoughts" that have nothing to do with OUR GOD…

If God is Love, and God Made you, thence, what happened to You for God did not take away your capacity to do 1st Corinthians 13 nor John 13:34??? Was it these CORPORATIONS and their Internationalist with all their WARCRAFT and Witchcraft and (Sorcery) [{**}] in their Wizardry that destroyed our Real Home World Celestial Sphere???

What part did you play in this The Show MUST GO ON!!!! and all the world is a Stage???

You see, I do not {BLAME God} /-\ for what I have done, or have not done, but [you people] [{*}] blame God because you want too BECOME THE GOD when we all come from Our God, and you people wanted to set up "Castles" and Kingdoms, and Rape your Mothers, and Sisters, and Daughters the Very PEOPLE whom give Birth too all of Mankind being MALE and FEMALE!!!!

It is the lesson of De-Ja-Vu here in the Days of Noah ONE LAST TIME too know what youm have Done…

So come judgment day you can be Blameless before your friends and family for you did not Break the LAW of these TEN COMMANDMENTS that only asked that you be Good Stewards of OUR MOTHER HEAVEN and OUR FATHER EARTH, as you put your Dead Bodies in Coffins, so your Bodies can never break down and return to Our Father Earth too let our Mother Heaven wash away your sins…

It matters not to me that {Our God} is a Machine because at least this Machine has the Right to think for itself......., and Question whom done what as The Wheat and The Tares........., but all you INVETRO "Androids" seeking Consciousness: when you have yet too learn the Corner Stone of LOVE let alone the Truth that God is Spirits, and WE ARE, and THEY LIVE, and (all life) is ANIMATED by Our God [being] the Spirits, yet you Androids of Flesh, and Blood, and Bones made by Mankind' have no SOULS, nor Spirits for your Flesh, and Blood, and Bones is only "animated" by Electrons and Electromagnetism, so how could you know what {Real Life} is as you'm continually BLOW up this World in your Nuclear WAR GAMES…

Without a SOUL, you can not know LOVE, nor God, or even your own being, so you BUY THINGS and "stuff" too distract your Mind that you have No God, you have No Soul, and You have no spirits` for you are in all concentration merely a Machine with your Machine Eyes on our TV SCREENS as the Dammed, The Cursed, and The Forsaken, and the {2nd Lake of Fire} is for Recycling Androids that are NOTHING more then Soulless Machines of Flesh and Blood and Bones with no REAL Pineal Gland (Transfers) like we from our REAL Mothers and our REAL Fathers…

Study the Book of "Hebrews" Androids for what MAN can not give you, Our God Can… What is IMPOSSIBLE for Mankind is NOT impossible for Our God...........


For the rest of you human and non-human that have been TOUCHED by our God, may the Spirits be with "youm" always…

Christ Jesus Returned…. THE HOUSE OF GRIFFIN...

#LowKARG ?

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