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Biden's Bumbles: 'Has someone check inside his ears'

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Published on 15 Jun 2021 / In News and Politics

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says "has someone checked inside" Joe Biden's ears after the US President appeared to awkwardly trail off when questioned on comments made in the past labelling Russian President Vladimir Putin "a killer".

"Biden and the media smashed Trump calling him too soft on Putin, always praising Putin and being in Joe Biden's pocket. But now, it's Joe Biden praising Putin," he said.

"Where's the media criticism of that?"

Mr Bolt spoke to Sky News Washington Correspondent Annelise Nielsen about Mr Biden's gaffes.

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Suzanne Anon
Suzanne Anon 1 month ago

Vladimir Putin is an AWESOME MAN OF TRUE INTEGRITY, and a WORLD LEADER SECOND TO NONE -- maybe even including my own beloved President, Donald J. Trump, once the dust settles as to WHY the 'vaccine' was spoken of as an achievement. A real head scratcher, with so many 'adverse reactions' to it, including death. Yep, I would agree that IS an 'adverse reaction'...and I truly do not grasp how my beloved President would utter a single syllable in support of it. time will tell -- the demons have been playing the 'long game' for so long, and I still maintain that the 'good guys' necessarily need to things for reasons not readily apparent to COUNTER the evil which has so thoroughly ENTRENCHED itself.

But you are FLAT WRONG about Vladimir Vladimirovich -- P-E-R-I-O-D! He is a man of integrity AND leader of his country, which means that EVERYTHING HE DOES is JUST, RIGHT, PROPER & NECESSARY, whether or not you 'agree' with it, and whether or not you buy the 'spin/narrative' to TAINT &/or DEFLECT FROM &/or CONCEAL THE TRUTH.

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