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Published on 22 Nov 2022 / In Spiritual

BGMCTV MESSIANIC LESSON 917 The Soldier - What does it mean to be in the Lord's army?

SYNOPSIS: What is the secular definition of a soldier? A Soldier is a dedicated and passionate person who works for the armed forces of a state or country. They sacrifice everything for the security of their motherland. In today’s HaShabbat lesson we are going to look at what is a biblical soldier. Does MESSIAH YESHUA call us to be in the military? Does the Brit Hadasha allow us to fight in war? What is the real deep understanding of sacrifice? President Dwight Eisenhower broadcast from the White House for the American Legion's Back-to-God Program, February 7, 1954: "As a former soldier… In battle, we learned a great truth-that there are no atheists in the foxholes. They know that in time of test and trial, we instinctively turn to God for new courage and peace of mind. Learn about the soldiers piece of mind in the LORD’S army.

HASHABBAT LESSON: What does it mean to be in the Lord's army? Mark 10:45 YESHUA was very passionate about the cause. Mattiyahu (Mat) 9:9 YESHUA first order to Mattiyahu. Mattiyahu (Mat) 10:34-39 pick-up your equipment. Acts 19:13-16 before going into battle you need training. Mattiyahu (Mat) 9:9. Mattiyahu (Mat) 10:34-39. Revelation 19:13 Who’s blood is on it? D’varim 6:4-7 teach them carefully. 1 Sh’mu’el (Sam) 17:1-51 What is the character of the soldier. Yirmeyahu (Jer) 6:16 the key to winning all battles.

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