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Published on 25 May 2022 / In News and Politics

BGMCTV MESSIANIC LESSON 891 Nimrod’s kingdom

SYNOPSIS: What does Nimrod have to do with the end of days? Did Nimrod have a one world government? Did Nimrod have the first UN “United Nation? What does Nimrod have to do with the Book of Revelation? What does Nimrod have to do with the prophet Dani’el? What does Nimrod have to do with Psalm 2? What does next week’s Parasha and prophetic reading have to do with the World Health Organization, Nimrod and the final kingdom? Finally why did YESHUA say as it was so to shall it be in the end of days?

HASHABBAT LESSON 1: THE AMAZING TAPISTRY OF THE BIBLE. Mattiyahu (Mat) 13:47-50 So it will be at the close of the age. B’resheet (Gen) the first offering and the first murder. B’resheet (Gen) 6:10-13 yes, it was corrupt. B’resheet (Gen) 8:20-21 the offering was pleasing. B’resheet (Gen) 10:8-9 the first powerful ruler on earth. B’resheet (Gen) 11:4-8 confuse the communication. B’resheet (Gen) 12:1-3 the covenant and Messiah’s lineage. Mattiyahu (Mat) 24:37 a key for the end is found in the beginning. B’resheet (Gen) 10:8-9 the first powerful ruler on earth. Revelation 17:12 The one world government. Revelation 12:1-5 a great red dragon with seven heads and ten horns. Psalm 2:1-9 You will break them with an iron rod, shatter them like a clay pot. Dani’el (Daniel) 2:40-43 they won't stick together any more than iron blends with clay. Dani’el (Dan) 7:19-25 that horn made war with the holy ones and was winning. Vayikra (Lev) 26:3 if you live by these. Vayikra (Lev) 26:14-16 first curse deals with what? Yirmeyahu (Jer) 16:19 my refuge in time of trouble.

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