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Beginner Bass Fishing - The Tackle Box

Gene Jensen
Gene Jensen - 41,307 Views
Published on 07 Apr 2018 / In How-to and Style

All the fishing tackle out there can be confusing. In this video I break down a basic tackle box and choose some basic tackle that you can learn to use and build upon in the future.

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ChelseaOliver 12 hours ago

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Truth Bombs
Truth Bombs 7 days ago


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gunspradifta96 28 days ago

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Paul Revere Dog Soldier

Don't forget your top water buzz bates. Some places have them for 1.00 a piece and they are great for a beginner. Don't take much skill to catch fish with em.

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dashing 2 months ago

My Friend a Pro Wrangler took me fishing Lake Surprise North Phoenix, A Canyon Lake called Eagle Bay, a cavern with a cavern. Trolling with not a bite, as we approached the cavern fish were biting as we passed we waited idling 1/2 hour moving the schools slowly trolling chasing the fish to our landing the 3 of us caught 150 White Bass on Friday Night 4 hours, 150 on Saturday Night, 150 on Sunday afternoon, 150 on Monday evening. No License needed for White Bass, lots of them. NO BAIT. The 3 of us would reel in as soon as the hook hit the water, SECRET to fishing is how hungry are the fish. 3 Pounders each. Home of 65" Cat Fish.
Just like a sun fish great tasting. Lots of Lakes in Arizona there's more shore line in Arizona than on the East and West Coast. Arizona also has more Boats.

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