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Beast Of The Bible Belt trailer Anthony J Hilder How Freemason-Officers Command Animals Seeking Their Joy... Kissinger Called Soliders "Dumb Animals"

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Published on 13 Jan 2022 / In People and Blogs

Two Camera men down... They had nothing to hide... 30mm bullets will stop the cameramen, just watch the power of the "Apache"... makes them drool with happiness. Was Kissinger correct?
Kill all those witnesses is a Templar tactic... Even the women and Children had to go to bury the facts... Dead people don't officially talk anymore is the tactic... Kill them all.

It was the Freemasons who took down the WTC on Septemper 11th... not the Iraq camera-men.


“Beast Of The Bible Belt” video out soon

Anthony J Hilder:

“It was July 12 2007. It was morning, it was Iraq. Two heavily armed Apache helicopter gunships with full crews of American assigned to seek and destroy the “enemy” had made visual contact. Our troops like all military men Henry Kissinger described as “dumb, stupid, animals” were just doing their job...killing those who they were told were the enemy.

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JamesRoss 5 months ago

"They are picking up weapons" the pilot said... "Come on let us shoot"...
Then it will not be classified as murder... just a mistake. Well, sorry... it was a mistake.

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