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BCP: Bishops of Africa and America, open your eyes and rise up!

What is the truth
What is the truth - 426 Views
Published on 27 May 2023 / In News and Politics

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This year, Pentecost falls on Sunday, May 28. It is followed by the octave. Russia and Ukraine will celebrate the feast of Pentecost on Sunday, June 4.
The Lord showed the prophet Ezekiel (Ez 37:1-9) the condition of the nation of Israel in a valley full of dry bones. Today, this image fully applies to New Testament Israel, that is, to the Church. The Holy Spirit has been expelled from the heart of the Church and replaced by the spirit of the world, and today also by the synodal spirit of LGBTQ, i.e. the spirit of death, which has turned the Church into a spiritual graveyard full of scattered dry bones. Church dogmas have been scattered, God’s commandments destroyed, God’s laws overturned, milestones uprooted and removed from their place. Restoring all these things to a previous condition entails a struggle to restore the true faith.
The Lord commanded: Prophesy, O son of man! “And as I was prophesying, there was a noise, a rattling sound, and the bones came together, bone to bone.” (v.7) Spiritual awakening is associated with a certain movement, noise, even rattling like thunder. This caused each bone to seek its fellow until they became skeletons.
How did the prophetic word work further? “I looked, and tendons and flesh appeared on them and skin covered them, but there was no breath in them.” (v.8) Tendons represent the spiritual power of interior prayer that awakens the soul to a relationship with the Savior. The consequence of such prayer is deep personal repentance.
Flesh, which is necessarily connected with tendons, represents the power of God’s word and apostolic teaching. (Acts 2:42)
Skin covers the body and is a necessary protection for it. Skin represents fellowship in which and through which the living Christ works.
Although the organism had already been restored, it still lacked the spiritual force, the power of God that would put it on its feet. What was and is the solution? The Lord said: “Prophesy to the Spirit, prophesy, son of man, and say to the Spirit, ‘Thus says the Lord God: Come from the four winds, O Spirit, and breathe on these slain, that they may live!’” (v.9)
What did the prophet do? He obeyed God’s word. He prophesied as he was told, adding or removing nothing according to his logic or his feelings. In the obedience of faith he did not doubt God’s omnipotence, and he said: “Thus says the Lord God: ‘Come from the four winds, O Spirit, and breathe on these slain, that they may live!’” What followed? “When I prophesied as He commanded me, the Spirit of God came into them and they came to life. And they stood upon their feet, an exceedingly great army.”
On March 30, 2023, the so-called continental stage of the synodal LGBTQ journey ended. The synodal journey is to shift into a global stage at the Vatican Assembly on September 30, 2023. It is the Church’s worldwide suicide. The remaining true Catholic bishops will gradually be dismissed if they refuse to undergo the required conversion to LGBTQ welcomers. They will be replaced by loyal or enthusiastic welcomers of unrepentant sodomites.
The presidents of the episcopal conferences, or their delegates, were required to participate in the continental phases of the synodal journey. Their task now is to implement the suicidal agenda in their own national episcopal conferences. The German and Belgian synodal LGBTQ journey will set a precedent for the entire Synodal Church. This will result in the transformation of the Catholic Church into the Church of the Antichrist.
Cardinal Müller described the synodal journey as “doctrinally incompetent and canonically illegitimate”. He explained that “it is in apparent (glaring) contradiction with the doctrine of the nature and universal mission of the Church of Christ”. Nevertheless, Bishop Bätzing said assertively to the media on May 22, 2023: “The synodal journey is moving forward; I don’t have the impression that the Vatican is blocking us.”
A document of the Belgian bishops’ conference of September 20, 2022 contains instructions for the liturgy with the ceremony of blessing homosexual, lesbian and “queer” couples. However, the German and Belgian bishops did not explain what to do if a Q-oriented person brings, for example, a goat, pig, dog or donkey to the church and asks for a marriage blessing.
Quote from the document: “May God the Father … make their marriage (of two sodomites, lesbians, queers) firm and faithful… May their love for each other bring them joy and serve the welfare of our (church) community.”
The words make their marriage firm and faithful mean that they will never need to repent of mortal sin. In the end, the bishops thus send them to hell. To ask God the Father to commit this crime against Himself, against His law and against the salvation of souls is truly the ultimate blasphemy, diabolical manipulation, insanity and stupidity.
The inhabitants of Sodom, on whom God sent fire and brimstone, had committed this sin, but the current bishops, the apostles of sodomy, even legalize this sin and make it a sacrament. The Apostle Paul calls such false apostles servants of the angel of light, i.e. Satan (cf. 2Cor 11:13-15). The Apostle John says about them: “They claim to be apostles but are not; they are liars (Rev 2:2), the assembly (synagogue) of Satan (Rev 2:9).”
Card. Müller, former Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, said about such bishops: “Many bishops, contrary to the nature of their office, deny the God-estranging and self-destructive power of sin… They present the Church as changeable. These bishops have not understood the mystery of salvation from sin and have failed in their vocation as successors of the apostles.”
Msgr. Bonny commented on the Belgian bishops’ ad limina visit to the Vatican after the release of the document: “What was important for the Pope were two aspects: to continue with wisdom – that’s what we’re always trying, to walk our path with wisdom (laughter) – and to remain united. Twice he asked: ‘Do you all agree? Do you walk together?’”
The Belgian bishops were given a clear directive: “Remain united!” United about what? About blessing so-called sodomite, lesbian and “queer” couples. The Belgian model will then be established in half a year or later as a directive for the entire Church. Any bishop who will oppose it can no longer be a bishop. The process of suicide continues and will be completed uniformly through an abuse of episcopal and papal authority. This is the greatest crime of abuse of church authority in history. It shall result in the self-destruction of the Church and mass rebellion against God.
What does the directive “to continue with wisdom” mean in the introduction of the so-called blessing of the sodomites? It means a masterful, that is, diabolic, abuse of the episcopal authority to change the thinking of Catholics. The goal is for them to accept the synodal satanization of the Church as a new, better Catholic teaching. Its binding character is guaranteed by the authority of the Holy Father himself, to whom a Catholic is bound by absolute obedience. In the current situation, it is the heresy of papalatry. It is an abuse of papal authority for committing the greatest crimes against God and the Church. We ask: Who should be obeyed more in this situation – God and His laws, or heresy and a group of people occupying the highest offices in the Church?
Final word:
Dear bishops of Africa and America, take inspiration from the relentless activity of the sodomite bishops. They fear nothing, and they risk everything. In order to achieve the satanization of the Church, they are ready even to sell their souls to the devil.
You who are to pursue the goal of restoring the Church and gaining eternal heaven should work with equal, if not greater courage, wisdom and unity. Therefore, take two steps:
1) Draft a document with instructions for the spiritual revival of faith and morals in your dioceses.
2) Separate yourselves from the suicidal synodal LGBTQ journey. Unless you become separated in time, it will be forced upon you and you will become Judases and LGBTQ welcomers.
This time, starting with Pentecost, is extremely historic! You must act! You must be united in your nation as a whole episcopal conference and be radically and publicly separated from the synodal journey. As bishops, you have the competence to do so, and moreover, it is your pastoral responsibility before God and before the Church.
Act wisely and in unity, i.e. in obedience to the Holy Spirit, as Christ’s apostles and prophets. Through your obedience of faith, God will bring the dry bones to life. An innumerable army of God’s warriors will arise in your dioceses, and then in the entire Church.

+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr + Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops

May 24, 2023

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