Batwing Hustle

Chavari Gutteratti
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Published on 20 Dec 2020 / In Comedy

“You keep using that test... I don’t think it means what you think it means.”

Batwing Hustle: PCR Test Huffing for Fun & Profit - Florida Demands P*C*R Test Vetting By Cycle Threshold Disclosure

Nothing in this banned-by-SturmerTube presentation is to be taken as medical or legal advice. Anyone who requires medical care or legal assistance is advised to seek out the services of a qualified professional.

Audios and images appear in this film and are for commentary, criticism, and education therefore acceptable to present under provisions of Fair Use. Audios are excerpted from public sources. Image designs include elements of parody no different than those used on shows like MadTV or Saturday Night Live.

Suppression of education on health topics or curtailment of sharing health info shall be deemed denial of freedom of assembly as well as interference with the process of Informed Consent guaranteed by the 1954 Geneva Conventions.

Music: “A Journey Beyond” by Christian Bodhi at

1. Andrea Vollmer Pleomorphic Organelles - RizoliTV:

Pleomorphism: Dr. Enderlein wrote “Bacterial Cyclogeny”, published in 1925, in addition to over 500 scientific papers. He was the foremost proponent of Pleomorphism (Pleo=many; morph= form). This is the ability of microbes to change into many varied forms, in a developmental cycle. They can progress from microscopic particles to bacteria and culminate as fungi. Pleomorphism provides a much more complete view than monomorphism, the foundation of modern medicine. Where each micro-organism is seen to exist in one fixed, separate and therefore identifiable form. (

2. PCR Protocol Based on Flawed Research to be Retracted: Word Matters -

3. Cyclic Threshhold - Truth Will Prevail - Cycle Threshhold:

4. Florida Vetting BGI Batwing Soup tests:

5. Lone Star Big Talk - thedeadgene:
Story Vetting:

6. Word on the Streets: Gianni Russo: free4eva -

7. Georgia Senator Elena Parent on HB316 : JDMOONAN -

“....none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.” -Daniel 12:10

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