Bandera en Alto - Mexican Nationalist Song

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Published on 17 Jan 2021 / In Music

The story behind this song is pretty troubled...

Firstly, its origin is unclear, but with the little information I could find, it was possible to reach the following conclusion: Apparently, the lyrics of this song were written in the 30s by a Mexican National Socialist movement based in the north-central area of the country (Some people say that they were settled in the state of Guanajuato, but others claim that they operated a little further north, in the state of San Luis Potosí).

Since it's unknown who were responsible for this recording, I decided to put in the picture the leaders of the 2 main third position movements in Mexico: José Antonio Urquiza Septién (Left) and Nicolas Rodríguez Carrasco (Right).

José Antonio Urquiza Septién was the founder of the National Synarchist Union, the best known nationalist party in Mexico, strongly inspired by European clerical fascisms, although showing particular sympathy to the Spanish Falangism and Carlism.
It's also important to mention that, although Urquiza Septién was offered the opportunity to be the leader of the Synarchist movement, he rejected it saying "what I want to be is the first soldier and first martyr of the Synarchism", which he achieved on 11 April 1938, when he was assassinated (Officially, he died at the hands of a peon who worked for him, but there is a theory that Salvador Abascal Infante, another member of the National Synarchist Union, was the mastermind behind Urquiza's murder, this is supported by the fact that some time later, Abascal left the Synarchism to help Manuel Gómez Morin in the foundation of the liberal party "National Action Party", both descendants of Jews).

Nicolas Rodríguez Carrasco was the leader and founder of the Revolutionary Mexicanist Action (Better known as the Gold Shirts), a nationalist organization comprised mostly of ex-combatants of the Mexican Revolution (Most of them were former supporters of Francisco Villa, although there were also ex-Zapatistas, ex-Carrancistas, ex-Porfiristas, etc.) who operated in Mexico during the 1930s; the members of the movement tried to put aside the differences of the former "isms" of the Mexican Revolution to only recognize themselfs as "Mexicanists", this with the objective of fighting what, according to them, were the 3 main threats for the nation: the Communists, the Jews and the Chinese.
On 20 November 1935, a communist group caused problems in a commemoration march of the Revolutionary Mexicanist Action, this started a battle between the Gold Shirts and the members of the Mexican Communist Party, in which the first ones would be victorious, but this would motivate that the president (And faithful sympathizer of the Marxism), Lázaro Cárdenas del Río, banned the nationalist movement, exling several of its leaders (Including Nicolas Rodríguez Carrasco) and imprisoning others.

Bandera en alto, bandera libertaria,
Marchando vas, tranquilo y firme el paso,
|: ¡Contemplan ya las águilas, llenos de esperanza!
¡El día de pan y libertad! :|

Las calles ven marchando batallones,
Para los hombres, llenas están de flores.
|: ¡Contemplan ya las águilas, llenos de esperanza!
¡El día de pan y libertad! :|

Apparently, there is a third stanza created by the Mexican National Socialist Workers Party, but there isn't a recording with this, the lyrics would be the following:
"Bandera en alto, el país despertando,
La verdad triunfa, el judío queda atrás.
|: ¡Los pueblos se liberan del judeomasón!
¡Nuestro país reinará otra vez! :|"

Which means:
"Flag on high, the nation is awakening,
The truth triumphs, the Jew is left behind.
|: The peoples are liberating from the Jewish-Masonery!
Our nation will reign again! : | "

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