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Babylon is fallen: Adventist pastor says the SDA church faces collapse

Follower of Christ777
Published on 15 Sep 2021 / In Film and Animation

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Credits to E Último Yamada. Special thanks to Mr. Brendan Coy, pastor of the Seventh Day Adventist church, for his candor and honesty concerning the bleak future of his church.

The video was produced in the outskirts of Cebu City, the Philippines, on September 15, 2021.

Mr. Brendan Coy, pastor of the Seventh Day Adventist church, believes that the SDA church is in for a rough ride in the near future. He believes that the SDA church is facing financial collapse because of its 501c3 government registered, tax-exempt status.

This video looks at the bleak outcome of the SDA church should it decide to remain a Sabbath-keeping church and the likelihood of the SDA’s General Conference deciding to accept SUNday as the mark the Vatican beast for the sake of mammon or money.

The SDA is a sinking chip spiritually-speaking. It’s become a worldly church which tolerates abortions at some of their hospitals and is part of the Vatican’s ecumenical, one world religion movement which will lead to the enforcement of the mark of the Vatican beast: SUNday rest and worship.

To all Adventists, don’t remain in a sinking ship. Obey God’s admonition in Revelation 18:4-5 to come out of her my people. The SDA is NOT Babylon but has become a harlot daughter of the evil, pagan Babylonian Catholic church.

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