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Babies with tail & genetic mutations

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Published on 16 Oct 2021 / In Non-profits and Activism

A group of medical doctors and the leader of the Turkish Welfare Party issue a grave warning to the world. They show photos of babies born with severe genetic birth defects, like a baby with a tail, one eye, covered in hair or with multiple arms and legs. 'This is what could happen, as the result of the gene therapies that are injected into our people' they say. Watch the video below...

Some people think the photos are photoshopped, because these kinds of birth defects seem so out of this world. The sad reality is however that these kinds of genetic disorders do occur. Especially as the result of certain vaccinations, toxic pharmaceutical drugs, chemicals, or radiation.

In Vietnam for example the U.S. army sprayed a chemical called Orange Agent on the jungle, which is still causing horrendous birth defects among the Vietnamese people.

Below you see two children conjoined at the pelvis, with one anus, one urinary tract, one bladder, two kidneys, and three legs.

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