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Published on 20 Oct 2020 / In News and Politics


¿Y si hubiera una mentira tan penetrante, tan efectiva, tan poderosa que casi todo el mundo la creyera? ¿Qué pasaría si esa mentira estuviera destruyendo a las personas que la creían pero los principales medios de comunicación no hicieron nada para exponerla? ¿Qué pasaría si las personas que propagaron esta mentira lo admitieran DESPUÉS de que se produjo un daño global importante? Comparta este video con todos sus seres queridos.

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jhonsmith007 3 months ago

Estudio de las pruebas analíticas para la detección del SARS-COV-2
Estudio de las pruebas analíticas para la detección del SARS-COV-2
María José Martínez Albarracín, catedrática de procesos diagnósticos clínicos, nos informa de su "Estudio de las pruebas analíticas para la detección...

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 3 months ago

Dealing With Demons and Devils…

There would come a time when we the People of Pak-Toe: would have to see that The Racka have always run PURGATORY, and that we the people aka “humans” are born into a world of Misery, and Sadness, and Madness where Machines became [GOLEMS] @QBALL /_\ by way of Code + Alchemy + Magic = Sorcery……., and that the NEW TESTAMENT has a lot more to do with Humanity then these nonhumans from the World of the Dead called {Hell and Hades} that are them People aka “Things” from the Other Side of Our FLAT EARTH with their Southern Star in their Night Skies while we the people of This Side of FLAT EARTH have a Northern Star “continually” in the Night Skies just as Eric Dubay, ODDTV, and The Truth is Stranger than Fiction “has shown” on your YouTube Channels…

Now that you know there are TWO SIDES to our Duel Flat Earth and Home World Celestial Sphere, you would do well to continue your research, and steal, or LIBERATE all them “Gnostic” Books in the Vatican Underground Cities, Data Computer Terminals, and these (D.U.M.B.S.) that are not just in the USA and NATO Alliance of these U.N. Troops, and their {NEWS} World Empire where all information is Centralized in Agenda 21 + 30…….., but that even on the Continent of Africa there are Underground Cities “still” Operational even after The Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 to 1854 that ended in 1855 with we the Human Population of this Side of FLAT EARTH being made into Incubator Babies………, and the nonhumans from the Other Side of our “Celestial Sphere” Took over all Printed Material and Wrote Stories to wipe “our” memories of the GREAT Days of Noah, and these MUD FLOOD WARS that ended in WW2…

If you find this written work` we do as the NEW TESTAMENT teaches……., and that is to Blend In with the U.N. FLAG we are forced to be raised…..., so it matters not to we the Humans what RELIGION [They Live] [{**}] Gave you on These Dark Arts and “Black Magic” Jesuit Zionist O.T.O. FREE MASON TV Screens….., we the people on this side of FLAT EARTH have “no say” in what the U.N. FLAGS World Military Empire will do….., and the U.N. Is run and controlled by the nonhumans from Inner Earth…., and their Despot Leadership from the Other Side of FLAT EARTH Resides with their SOUTH POLE STAR that never leaves “their” Night Skies in this Celestial Sphere on the Other Side of The World down here in Purgatory… You cannot STOP the (COVID19) World Domination Plot..., nor these “Machines” that will replace humans in all A.I. Work Force Endeavors from Farming to Manufacturing too: YOU WILL [STAY HOME] for Drone Delivery Goods…

Beware’ of the many on this side of FLAT EARTH that Think anything and “everything” on these TV 2D HD Cell Phone “Screens” speaks THE Truth., and one day {3D CGI} Trump Presidents will rule all U.N. FLAGS as their TV Screen Leaders on this side of FLAT EARTH for the Machines known as Sphinxes, Gargoyles, and all the other HALLOWEEN “Cylon” Creatures we are told too Worship as Gods and Goddesses from Vampires to “Super Girl” too any thing these Incubus and Succubus can create for WE THE PEOPLE aka The Human Population on this side of FLAT EARTH too “feed them” and their Parasitic SOLIDS that if you but watch the EYES of your Old to Modern TV shows Actors and Actresses EYES, the males and females eyes go SOLID BLACK!!!! Not all SOLIDS are evil, but any on “TV” be they Religious – Political – Corporations, THEY LIVE have already soldout all of WE ARE Humanity on “this side” of FLAT EARTH to die out….., and be replaced by these GOLEM Machines in 2094 C.E.

Johnny Exodice


There is an UNDERGROUND Movement “of” WE ARE humans on this side of FLAT EARTH called MS13 – The Boogaloo’s - 18th Street Gang, and they are not about Race or Skin Tone. or even Eye too Hair Colour, but in “CODE” when ever you hear the TV of these Presidents say: WE must Hunt down such and such, and then they Bomb your Nations into “Oblivion” as was done to the Middle East, just know they look just like us, and they even talk “just” like us cause we all use the SAME looking Body Temple TEMPORARY {Mortal Corporeal} Avatars…..., but the NEW TESTAMENT Teaches you what FREE MASON Lodge “Members” actually are, and THEY LIVE these nonhumans are the Enemy of all mankind that is WE ARE aka humans in code…

The Society of nonmason~


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bodhi_mantra 3 months ago

I wrote this article in 2017
Babylonian Money Magic – The Fed

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