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AZ AUDIT ALERT! Jeffrey Prather. MIL OP Whistleblower.

Morpheus 9-11
Morpheus 9-11 - 298 Views
Published on 26 Jun 2021 / In News and Politics

Biden's Big Lie!
AZ GOP Warning! (arizona audit update)
Florida Covert Counter Strike!
Miley's Treason!
Air Force Trannys!
Tucson Top Cop 2B Border Boss!
Countering C-19/Not [email protected]/Shed!


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Bag Up

The Faraday bags are up in the shop. I just held one up the other day and now they're selling off the shelves. And that is great because if you want to have any privacy, you're going to want to bag up. So you can actually talk without big brother listening in on you. (Remember the FBI agent, driving the two ISIS terrorists to Garland, Texas for the draw Mohammed contest. And then the cop shoots them both, and the FBI agent tries to flee!)

Sign Up

Get your head in the fight and understand what's going on. Sign up with Team America at to create an action plan. The Faraday bags will come in real handy and I’ll have more stuff to come in that regard. While patriots are not criminals or spies, you are going to have to learn to operate with Tradecraft and OPSEC, operational security, like criminals and spies, do.

Hold the Line

To all who are standing up for Team America and Team Canada: You’re starting to stand up and get together and figure this out. We will win this. It's not going to be easy. It's not going to be fun. It's going to require great sacrifice, but we will win this together.

A secret told isn't.
No communications are secure.
All security is breachable.
All codes are hackable. Concealment is not cover.
All cover is temporary.
All codes are breakable.
Use a one-time pad. One time looking is not seen.
Hearing is not listening.
Moving is not action.
Knowledge is not wisdom.
Perseverance beats talent.
Power is not force.
Hope is not a plan.
Plans are useless.
Planning is invaluable.
Training is essential.
The most committed wins.
Freedom is never given. It is earned, fought for, won, and taken.

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