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Awal Doctors and Pastors

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Published on 22 Oct 2022 / In People and Blogs

Clips from Live Stream October 20, 2022

They want to include the covid jab to the long list of what is required. This is Not safe!

With the CDC determined to add the covid shot to the schedule of childhood immunizations, this is a good opportunity to reflect on how those who once garnered the most trust in our society have become some of the worst among us. How do we move forward when that trust is gone?

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COVID Lies: Our Govs, Led By Unelected Technocrats, Are Engaged In A Coverup Of Immense Proportions via Rokfin #Rokfin
Ryan Cristian, TLAVagabond

Self Replicating Nano Tech And Transhumanism via Rokfin #Rokfin
Jason Bermas

Absolutely Evil: CDC's Deadly Decision Puts C19 Shots On The Poisonous Childhood Injection Schedule
Tim Truth

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