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Australian Prime Minister Says Its Your Fault If You Took The Vaccine And Died

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Published on 27 Jul 2021 / In News and Politics

Australian Prime Minister openly blames the people who died from coerced vaccines for their own deaths.

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thecrookedtripod 2 months ago

HES LYING,,,,he is on for mandating now,,, it was his fault they took astrazenica vaccine
we have only had 35,000 infections of covid, 920 died from covid 800 of them were from aged care they allowed them to die, without treatment, and those numbers justify lockdown, 5 kilometre limit, only 1 hour exercise, shut down thousands of businesses killed the economy. yet in 2017 we had a bad influenza season 127,000 infected we lost 1255 people, died, was not even mentioned to the public,,,,,2019 another bad flu season more infected 310,011 we had 4000 hospitalised and 812 people died, again the people were not aware, business as usual!!! both years were record seasons, many more infections then covid , and covid is in its second seaason here now, still no sign of a pandemic!! its ridiculous

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newagecrusaders 2 months ago

I guarantee he has not taken it and the population mandates don't apply to him either

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Jiggles 2 months ago

So don't take it. Simple. Dont ne a pussy Alex. Just dont take it. Ok? Dont cry. Just say no. With actual WORDS from your mouth

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